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SMART Goals Made Easy

Our FREE SMART Goals template will teach you how a SMART goal is created, provides an example SMART goal and includes a template for you to create your own SMART goals immediately! 

Screen_Shot_2014-10-22_at_12.11.45_AMSpecific and Measurable

Define exactly what you are going to achieve and how you are going to quantify it! (All made easy with our employee recognition software)

Screen_Shot_2014-10-22_at_12.11.51_AMAssignable and Realistic

List who is responsible for achieving the goal and make sure it is not an impossible task!


Create timelines and due dates that will help you achieve your SMART goal.

Keep employees engaged in their SMART goals with daily public recognition awards.  The more recognition they receive the more excited they will be to accomplish their goals.

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Kevin Studley

Managed IT Services, Owner