90% of leaders believe in employee recognition but only 25% have a strategy.


1 click survey

  • LOVE
  • GOOD
  • BAD

Easily collect customer feedback and reward employees for great service

  • Increase responses with our 1 click survey
  • Measure customer service by your company, team, individual employees and customers
  • Automatically reward teams and individuals for meeting customer satisfaction (CSAT) goals
  • Increase your customer retention by promptly responding to issues uncovered by surveys

Set SMART Goals

60% of employees do not know about their company’s goals.

  • Align company’s goals with your employees goals
  • Set specific and measurable goals
  • Set customizable timeframes
  • Communicate goals frequently

Measure Performance

Highly engaged employes receive feedback often.

  • No more traditional performance review. No more surprises.
  • We have tools to provide employees immediate feedback
  • We have leaderboards to show your employees  how they are performing
  • We have reports that will provide snapshots of your best employees who deserve recognition


You can easily reward your employees for a job well done

  • Increase your employee’s motivation
  • When your employee hits their goals they will immediately receive points
  • They can redeem their points at the crewHu store for meaningful rewards
  • Your employees can save their points to redeem more valuable recognition awards

Peer Recognition

“The deepest human need is the need to be appreciated” – William James, Psychologist

  • Bring your culture to life daily.
  • Empower your employees to reward each other for a job well done
  • Create an environment of camaraderie and appreciation
  • Increase job satisfaction


Using a social media style newsfeed, the cafe lets your crew interact with each other, share ideas and recognize each other publicly for a job well done.

  • Communicate and interact with your crew
  • Create a supportive and collaborative environment
  • Reinforce positive behavior
  • Increase employee engagement