Top 10 Employee Recognition Awards [Free Download]

The #1 List of Recognition Awards to Increase Employee Engagement for Managed Service Providers, IT & HR Professionals.

Recognition Awards Made Fun & Easy

Use our Top 10 Recognition Awards Slideshare to strengthen your employee engagement activities and keep employees engaged in their work with all different types of public recognition awards. The more recognition they receive the more excited they will be to accomplish their goals. 


Our FREE Top 10 Employee Recognition Awards Slideshare will teach you:

Screen_Shot_2014-10-22_at_12.11.45_AMWhen to Give Recognition Awards

There are plenty of good reasons to recognize your employees for their hard work

Screen_Shot_2014-10-22_at_12.11.51_AMDifferent Ways to Present Recognition Awards

Verbal, Written, Giveaways, and more! (All made easy with our employee recognition software)

Screen_Shot_2014-10-22_at_12.12.01_AMEffective Recognition Award Examples

Gift Cards, Happy Hour, Free Team Lunch, and many more!

"Being in a service-related business, it's easy for my teams to get demotivated by client requests. CrewHu helped us feel good about our work and has improved internal employee satisfaction...I ran CrewHu for my team for 1-week and saved $1000, it paid for itself for 3 years. That's really simple math for me to do."




Kevin Studley

Managed IT Services, Owner