The #1 Gamification and Employee Recognition Platform

Engagement Drives Revenue Growth

You have your goals, and you want to make sure everybody understands them. CrewHu gives you the tools to clearly communicate and align your company goals with your team and improve performance.

  • 1Identify Your Best People

    Find out which of your employees are doing a great job, identify areas for improvement, and realize those that are not a good fit.

  • 2Drive 2.5X More Revenue

    By rewarding your employees for good behavior, you will see instant results to your bottom line.

  • 3Improve Customer Experience

    It's all about your customer--give the service quality that will have them coming back for repeat purchases. Track feedback in one place and respond faster.

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"I ran CrewHu for my team for 1-week and saved $1000, it paid for itself for 3 years. That's really simple math for me to do."