How to Boost Productivity with Employee Recognition Software

How to Boost Productivity with Employee Recognition Software

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Apr 1, 2015


Having trouble keeping your employees engaged? Having trouble retaining employees for long periods of time? Many managers face these problems every day, but here at CrewHu these are the types of obstacles that we want to help you overcome.

We want to help you, as a manager, or managed service providers business owner, to have an all star team of employees who show full engagement, productivity, and a passion for what they do day in and day out. This isn't the reality of many workplaces, but don't fret, attitudes can improve, productivity can increase, and your team will find their passion in the work they do if you take the right steps. To get you started, we have created a SMART Goals examples template to help you improve employee productivity.  It is also important to understand how employee recognition software will help you create a better atmosphere for your company.  Employee recognition software will help you give positive feedback to team members, create goals promoting friendly competition, and strengthen your company's culture all resulting in gains for you business. 

Positive Feedback - Follow the 4 P's




It is important to engage your employees with positive feedback following the 4 P's guidelines; check out some performance review examples.  Feedback must be personal, proportionate, prompt, and public. Employee recognition software makes it easy to follow these guidelines while calling out your team members for good work.  In CrewHu's software, the Cafe section is similar to a social media news feed.   This allows you to award outstanding employees with recognition awards for something spectacular they may have done. After you award an employee promptly for their work, it is posted on a public forum ('Cafe') for your whole team to see. Team members become more engaged as the result and are motivated to go above and beyond what is required of them.   

Use Employee Incentive Programs to Promote Friendly Competitions Among Coworkers

Another way to boost productivity with employee recognition software is by creating individual goals for team members.  Gamify a friendly competition among co-workers to increase engagement in their work with a ticket-based goal.

 Here are three simple yet effective ticket based goals:

1. # of tickets closed
Employee with the most tickets closed wins.
2. # of tickets reopened
Employee with the lowest number wins. 
3. # of tickets updated daily
Employee with the highest percentage of his/her total tickets wins. 

Be sure to read up on the importance of budgeting properly for employee incentive programs!



Strengthen Company Culture with Employee Recognition Software

Strengthen your company's culture to encourage spreading that feeling from the top executives through the employees to the customers. By using employee incentive programs, your culture and beliefs will be made clear to your employees by what they see team members getting recognition awards for.  If a team member went out of his/her way to ensure a customer's satisfaction with your business, you can present him/her with recognition awards for that.  Other employees will see this award in the 'Cafe' section and it acts as motivation to be the next team member to get a shout out for going above and beyond. With CrewHu you can also create team goals which encourage teamwork and reaching one unified goal together. Not only do employees get publicly applauded for their work, but they receive compensation in the form of CrewHu Bucks which they can redeem for a prize of their choosing. Be sure to set up SMART Goals for your employees to help them continuously improve grow within your company and earn more CrewHu points.



By focusing on improving employees' attitudes towards their work, you will see a boost in productivity among your team.  This starts with setting your employees up for success.  Create SMART Goals for them so they can reach those realistic goals and continuously improve upon the work they are doing.  When employees are engaged and believe in the work they are doing, they will go the extra step to ensure the customer has a good experience, increasing customer retention and increasing your revenue.  


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