Recognize your Team

Celebrate your small wins daily.

Integrate Crewhu with Slack or MS Teams

Crewhu integrates with Microsoft Teams or Slack to easily give and receive recognition without having to open up an additional application.

Automated Badges

Use Crewhu to automatically recognize team members for delivering amazing customer service. In addition, set up automated birthday and company anniversary badges, making sure that no one is forgotten. The whole team will see the badges and celebrate these important moments with their crew.


Core Value Badges

Create a culture of appreciation and collaboration with core value badges. Crewhu makes it easy to celebrate daily wins and recognize team members for a job well done.


Executive and Manager Badges

As we say at Crewhu, "Everyone is part of the Crew." Recognition is great, but it’s even more meaningful when badges are given by members of the management team to recognize top performers for their great work.


Values and Budget

Create a value-based badge system where badges are worth Crewhu bucks that your team can redeem for BADASS prizes. You can set monthly or weekly allowances for each user profile to be sure to stay within your program budget.

Dashboards and Reports

Use our dashboards and reports to track employee recognition trends by location, team, and employee. Easily gauge the level of employee engagement at any given time.


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