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Crewhu is the only employee recognition and customer satisfaction platform built specifically for MSPs. Here is our Story.

Our Story

Empowering your team with tools that let you focus on the metrics that matter, foster a company culture of recognition and collaboration to retain and incentivize your teams, and provide outstanding customer interactions. 

Stephen Spiegel
Founder & CEO

I started Crewhu in 2013, when I saw a need in my own business. I felt like I was constantly putting out fires, and I desperately needed a way to connect with my employees, to have my managers connect with my employees, so they would consistently deliver a high level of customer service.

So, I built Crewhu, an employee recognition and customer satisfaction platform built for MSPs and it makes it easy for you and your managers to engage and excite your team.

Our Raving Fans

See what our clients are saying about Crewhu.

“Crewhu makes it so simple for us to track performance and improvements over time. When you see things in green, you can see you are doing something right. By just implementing a few things around culture and the great feedback we have coming in, it changes our perspective and gives us confidence in our service and delivery.”

Chris Maybray

Service Delivery Director, Mirus IT

“We had a lot of problems with employees not following procedure, circulating gossip, and missing team goals and individual metrics. Crewhu gave us better insight into how our customers felt about their interactions with our team.”

Adam Radulovic

CEO, XL.net

"Crewhu is an amazing platform for collecting and acting on customer feedback and rewarding the great work done by our team. It has helped us get results and improve ROI and customer retention."

Will Nobles

CEO, Vector Choice

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