Collect Customer Feedback

Your growth engine is your current customer base.


Easily integrate Crewhu with your PSA, ticketing system, or email client to automate the feedback process.

Collect CSAT Feedback

Easily collect transactional feedback daily from a helpdesk ticket reply, ticket close or on a project ticket to keep a pulse on customer satisfaction.


Collect NPS Feedback

Send automated relational surveys to better understand your customer relationship, your customer loyalty and how likely they are to recommend your service to others.

Notify the right People

Improve service by immediately notifying the right people in your organization with real time dashboards and email notifications. If you use Slack or Microsoft Teams, get notified directly in a channel dedicated for customer feedback so the right people are notified and respond immediately.


Take Action Using Reports and Analytics

Close the loop with real-time reports summarized by customer, employee, issue tags and more, and take immediate action. Get insight on what is working and not working, which team members are doing great and which need additional coaching, and which clients are engaged and which aren’t.


Motivate Your Team

It is not only about the negative feedback, but also about the positive feedback your team receives daily. With our leaderboards and dashboards, you can easily Track Team and Individual Team members Customer Experience Scores (CXS) and celebrate your daily wins.


Are you convinced yet?

See How Easy Crewhu Makes It To Capture Customer Feedback And Recognize Your Team.

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