The 4 P's of Employee Engagement

The 4 P's of Employee Engagement

Posted by Stephen on Oct 24, 2014

Recognition strategy for success


According to a recent Hay Group Study, 90% of leaders believe in recognition but only 25% of them have a strategy. So if we believe so strongly in recognition, why don’t more of us have a recognition strategy? The answer, because executing a successful recognition strategy is hard.

In order for a recognition strategy to be successful it must be:

  1. Personal
  2. Proportionate
  3. Prompt
  4. Public

These are the 4 Ps of recognition in a modern employee engagement platform.

CrewHu Makes Employee Recognition Easy

CrewHu's employee engagement and recognition platform has 5 key features that weave in the 4 Ps of recognition to help franchise owners drive increased transaction count, average ticket sales and repeat customers.

5 key features

  • Contests
  • Dashboard
  • Store
  • Peer Badges
  • Cafe


Did you know 60% of employees do not know about their company goals?

CrewHu gets everyone on the same page with the Contests module. It helps create recognition that is both proportionate and prompt by allowing the franchisee to set the reward according to the size of the goal and reward the contest immediately after the contest ends. This feature lets you align your goals with your crew. Using the contest module you can set specific and measurable goals, customize time frames, allocate rewards and communicate your goals frequently.


The Dashboard

Highly engaged employees receive feedback often. I remember one of the things that stressed me out as an employee were performance reviews. It was always a suprise because metrics were never communicated effectively. The employee dashboard gives both the franchisee and crew a prompt and personal daily snapshot of how the crew is performing. Now the employee has a tool for self measurement and improvement and the franchisee has a tool to identify their best people.

CrewHu Employee Engagement and Recognition Platform


The CrewHu store is a completely customizable reward system where your crew can trade their points in for everything from gift cards to movie tickets to a trip to Disneyworld. Our reward system is both prompt and personal. It is prompt because it allows you employees to redeem their rewards whenever they want and personal because our platform allows the franchisee to offer many rewards to make them meaningful to everybody. Your crew also has the option to accumulate points to redeem more valuable and meaningful rewards. You can now much more easily reward your crew for a job well done.

CrewHu Store


Peer Recognition

One of Cold Stone Creamery's competitive advantages is their culture comprised of their core values, however it is challenging to keep these core values top of mind. Our platform allows you to do just that, by empowering the franchisees, managers and crew to recognize each other daily based on these core values. So, for example, Stephen gave Alex a "Win As a Team" badge for staying later to help with the busy shift. Our platform gives managers and employees a tool to recognize behavior both personally and promptly that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. You now have a tool to recognize crew for a job well done and reinforce great behavior much more easily than ever before.

CrewHu Peer Recognition

The Cafe

Using a social media style news feed, the cafe lets your crew interact with each other, share ideas and recognize each other publicly for a job well done. This module allows you to execute 3 strategic activities:

  1. Create a supportive and collaborative environment.
  2. Reinforce positive behavior.
  3. Increase employee engagement.

CrewHu Cafe

Ultimately, the use of a modernized employee engagement platform is a key tool in helping your franchise drive business goals quickly, easily and effectively. We have helped franchisees just like you grow their business and we look forward to talking with you more about the benefits of employee engagement. Ready to go? Click the banner below to set up a personal demo!


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