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Employee Engagement is Hard.

CrewHu Makes it Easy!

87% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work. Gallup, Inc.

CrewHu makes it easy to collect feedback from customers, managers and employees. With actionable data compiled on one simple platform, you’re able to improve customer service, measure individual and company performance over time, and recognize and reward employees for accomplishments that often go unnoticed.



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  • Identify your best people
  • Recognize them for a job well done
  • Reinforce excellent behavior

Companies with engaged employees earn 2.5x more revenue.

Our Cool Features



You have your goals, and you want to make sure everybody understands them so you can work as a team and accomplish them together, but it’s not so easy. crewHu will give you the tools to help you communicate and align your company goals with your team.. Read More


Bring your culture to life each day by empowering your crew to recognize each other based on your core values. Our peer recognition system allow crew to give each other badges for the great work they do every day that normally goes unnoticed. Read More


Easily communicate performance with our contest leader board. Every time a contest is update employees are notified. Employees can log in anytime to view the leader board and see how they are doing.. Read More


You are going to work approximately 86,400 hours in your life. You might as well have a little fun! crewHu uses gamification to do just that. Your crew can challenge each other and add a little friendly competition to the workplace. It’s on! Read More


When the contest has ended you can immediately reward your employees with points. Employees can use their points to redeem prizes at the store. Read More


This is where we make all recognition “public”. You no longer have to wait for monthly meetings to give “shout outs.” With the cafe they happen on a daily basis. Using a social media style newsfeed, the cafe lets your crew interact with each other, share ideas and recognize each other publicly for a job well done. Read More

What People are Saying

CrewHu is an amazing platform for engaging your employees, and rewarding the great work done by your team. It is social, fun, and a great way to motivate top performance in your MSP. The features extend beyond recognition and empower customer surveys tied to service techs and tickets. We have never been able to quickly see what all customers think of one service rep until deploying CrewHu. Hands down, a game change for culture and your team environment!

-Kevin Studley

The Network Pro, LLC
The Network Pro, LLC
Our team's collaboration has increased greatly since we introduced CrewHu. If you walk through the helpdesk you will hear team members excited about giving colleagues badges (based off our core values) for assisting on a ticket. I even love giving out the core values and special management badges! We have also implemented Crewhu's simplified client surveys that recognize and reward team members that deliver great service. Our survey responses increased 5x. I highly recommend CrewHu.

-Raymond Mobayed

4IT, Inc
4IT, Inc
CrewHu is a huge part of our culture of employee recognition at 24hourtek. Our team loves the instant feedback rating. With CrewHu, employees know exactly where they stand in relation to company goals, and are instantly rewarded for meeting or exceeding those goals. Working with Stephen and the team at CrewHu has really helped us understand the importance of employee recognition and timely goals, and it has made a huge difference in our company culture. I highly recommend investing in CrewHu.

-David Moss

Within the first week of deploying CrewHu, our staff had enthusiatically exchanged dozens of badges and created a slew of contests. Our customer feedback doubled. The level of engagement is palpable, and the best part is that the reporting is gold! Best incentive program we have invested in - in 15 years! Highly recommend!

-Shael Risman

PACE Technical Services Inc.
PACE Technical Services Inc.
We have been very pleased since adding Crewhu to our business. It is an excellent way to give credit to peers and for our customers to give us ratings based on their experience. Since putting this in place I believe our overall moral has gone up and customer service has improved! Stephen has been great to work with and delivers excellent and prompt service every time.

-Melanie Halloran

Technology Associates
Great stuff! If you are looking for a tool to foster employee engagement then you have found it. Super product with awesome support.

-Eric Hobbs

Technology Associates
We've been using CrewHu now for three months and the Dolphins (our team) have taken to it like… fish to water? We love it! We've always valued giving recognition both from managers and peers, but struggled to make it an everyday part of work lives. CrewHu has the perfect tool for this and we can see it having a dramatic impact on our culture already.
Of course a product is only as great as its support and Stephen and team have been amazing!

-Dave Monahan

Smart Dolphins IT Solutions Inc.
Smart Dolphins IT Solutions Inc.
CrewHu is a awesome product. They have found a simple and fun way to bring gamification into our culture. Our employees love getting and giving the feedback. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to build a great organization around a great culture.

-David Bryden

StoneHill Technical Solutions, Inc.
Awesome, easy to deploy, and phenomenal ROI. The best/easiest tool we've rolled out in years. We spent about two hours between planning the role out, setting up our CrewHu account/settings, and announcing it to the team. Within 24 hours our team of 23 people were using it enthusiastically. It immediately became part of our culture. The increase in recognition by both peers and clients has been awesome for morale. It's the biggest "No-Brainer" in the ConnectWise Marketplace. My team loves it!

-Myles Keough

Spade Technology, Inc.
Our company has grown dramatically over the past few years. When we were smaller, it was easy to give and receive feedback. Now, however, we're approaching 30 employees and this has become challenging. CrewHu has been a huge morale booster – our employees now give each other tons of "kudos" and it fosters a really positive environment. We're also able to receive client feedback and, most importantly, take action in real-time when the feedback isn't where it needs to be.

-Daniel Lansen

Compufit, LLC.
Compufit, LLC.

The golden rule of customer service: Treat your employees how you want your customers to be treated.

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