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All Plans Include

  • Admin

  • Access from web browser

  • Access from iPhone and Android app

  • Employee accounts and profiles

  • Multiple branches (locations, teams)

  • Dashboards

  • Employee Performance Dashboard

  • Customer Satisfaction Dashboard

  • Employee Engagement Dashboard

  • Customer Feedback

  • 1 Click Customer Surveys

  • Branded and customizable surveys

  • Customer Satisfaction reports

  • Survey Notifications

  • Employee incentives

  • Public Recognition

  • Peer Recognition Badges

  • Manager Recognition Badges

  • Social Network for Workforce

  • Gamification

  • Goal Based Contests

  • Challenges Between Employees

  • Prize Store

  • Integrations

  • Connectwise

  • Desk.com

  • Autotask

  • Integration with other platforms

  • Email Integration

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