How to Retain Great Employees!

How to Retain Great Employees!

Posted by Stephen on Aug 27, 2014


How long has Ashley been with our company? It seems like Chase has been here shorter time but he has already been promoted twice, how come? Why does it feel like we're always hiring new employees? How come we can't retain good employees?

Are these some questions that you ask yourself a lot? Does high turnover keep you awake at night? Being able to provide a simple and transparent promotion and opportunity path for employees will help you lower turnover and increase customer service and productivity through knowledgeable staff.

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Tenure - The foundation of a good performance review system

The time an employee has been with you is known as their tenure. It is important to give your newly hired employees a clear visual understanding of how the length of their employment contributes to their opportunities for promotion.

Rules for Tenure:

1. Tenure is never to be used as the sole criteria for promotion. In our career ladder we use tenure with an employee score (the crewHu score) and an employee performance rating. Tenure alone isn’t enough.

2. Tenure is to be used equitably. In the above example if Chase has an opportunity for promotion every six months so should Ashley.

Because the employee has an opportunity for a raise or promotion every 6 months there is no 'dead end' for them. This dead end is the #1 reason why employees leave jobs. The Career Ladder document allows them to transparently see what they need to do in order to earn their promotion. Although this doesn't guarantee all employees will work towards that goal it will allow the ones who are motivated to shine and become your A players!

Retain your best employees today by downloading the CrewHu Career Ladder.


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