4 Things You Need to Improve Employee Performance

4 Things You Need to Improve Employee Performance

Posted by Stephen on Sep 7, 2014


When it comes to getting a clear picture of your employees performance over a period of time you need to have the right tools which can accurately measure their contributions. I've always evaluated my own employees by 4 Factors:

  1. Tenure
  2. Performance Reviews
  3. Scoring Matrix
  4. Certifications

1. Tenure

The time an employee has been with you is known as their tenure. It is important to give your employees a clear understanding of how the length of their commitment to your business can contribute to promotion opportunities. This motivates your employees to stay longer since they have a clear path for growth.

We use a tool called the career ladder to clearly display what an employee needs to do to reach the next level. Of course you can’t just promote someone for being with you for a certain length of time. Tenure will always work alongside employee performance and engagement.

2. Monthly Evaluations

There should be a consistent evaluation process in place where the managers meet with employees to discuss their strengths and opportunities for growth. The performance review tool should be:

  1. Simple- fit on 1 page
  2. Numeric- Based on a scale from 1-5 for example.
  3. Descriptive- Describes what the employee is doing well and what the employee should focus on during the next 30 days.
  4. Consistent- Be done on a regular interval, for example every 30 days and have clear rules that describe why the employee is receiving her rating.

3. Employee Score

An employee score is based on the employee’s alignment with the company’s core values and the employee’s performance. We have developed the crewHu score, which takes into account the number of recognitions an employee has received from his peers and the number of goals achieved. The more recognition received and goals achieved the higher the crewHu score.

You can use a platform like crewHu that automatically measures an employee using a score, or you can try to implement a more manual program. The important thing is to identify those employees who fit with your culture. The better the fit the better the company’s morale and performance.

4. Certification

It is important to set expectations from the beginning and make sure the employee is prepared for her next position. You should create your own certification program by developing both practical and written exams that test an employee’s knowledge of products and processes essential to the position.


Putting together a structured performance review system that identifies your best people and motivates and nurtures your employees is not hard. All you need are the right processes and tools in place to be successful. Download our Free HR pack and get started today.


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