A New Kind of SaaS: Combining CSM and Employee Recognition

A New Kind of SaaS: Combining CSM and Employee Recognition

Posted by Jon Belgrad, CrewHu Content Strategist on Dec 9, 2015


A totally winning combination that engages employees and satisfies customers

When it come to service, it’s every company’s goal to surpass their customer’s expectations—after all, service is the number one reason businesses choose one MSP over another. So it only makes sense to strive to continually improve the level of service you’re providing.

Having a satisfied customer today does not ensure that you’ll have their business next year—or even next month. But the challenge is to ensure that every member of your team is offering the highest level of service and attention consistently.

To do that, you need to be continually accessing and utilizing customer data like activity and renewal rates, churn risk behaviors and feedback to address weaknesses or areas that are in need of improvement.

Today’s top MSPs have learned to combine their CSM (Customer Success Management) with employee recognition programs to decrease churn and increase customer lifetime revenue. Here’s a guide on how you can use CrewHu to gather invaluable customer feedback and use it to create an employee recognition program that will allow you to take your service levels to new heights.

Understand your customer with your CrewHu’s CSM tools

As an MSP, you already know that your success is fundamentally tied to your customer’s success. Using CrewHu, you have the tools you need to discover insight into your customer’s behaviors including how they interact with your product, their level of activity, individual usage behaviors, patterns that develop and signals that can predict churn.

You gain valuable insight into satisfaction rates and many different behaviors that could help you understand the customer on a fundamental level and with that information, you have data that you can then use to improve your service.

And, when you take customer feedback and use it to create a recognition program, you’ll have an astounding new way to leverage your CSM data and to take your service to a new plateau.

Use your CSM data to drive employee recognition

You’ll have a whole new way to gauge customer satisfaction, MRR and churn rates—by using the data collected from customer interactions to measure and analyze your customer success team. Our platform gives you the ability to take that information and use it to set goals, measure performance and recognize and reward your team.

CrewHu enables you to get all team members onboard and engaged in relation to specific goals (like renewal rates, customer interactions, response times and retention efforts), and to start an official program whereby everyone participates toward a common goal. Here’s a look at how it works:

1. Set SMART Goals

Using customer response and feedback data, you can determine what areas of your service need improvement or modification and then set Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant and Timely goals in CrewHu. This feature of our platform makes it easy and intuitive to set customizable timeframes, communicate the goals with all employees and allow them to continuously see how they are doing.

2. Measure & track performance

Once team members have begun working towards the goal, they get immediate, continuous feedback and are able to check their progress at any time. They can also see how their team members are progressing and who’s in the lead when it comes to points earned. As they get closer to reaching goals, a healthy amount of competition is a natural occurrence—which only motivates team members to work harder toward achievement.

3. Reward them for hitting goals

If one of the things you’ve learned from customer feedback is that your response times were too long, for example, you could set goals to decrease those times and give your team members certain numbers to hit. Once they’ve hit them, they’ll automatically receive points in CrewHu and once they get a specified number of points, they can redeem their points for meaningful rewards.

4. Build camaraderie

An important facet to any team is knowing that each member has the support and appreciation of their co-workers. A team that recognizes the talents and achievements of each other is going to perform better than one those that don’t. Camaraderie is a key element in successful organizations. In CrewHu, your employees have the ability to reward each other and give shout outs to their team members.

5. Encourage them to challenge each other

Encourage teamwork and get team members excited by giving them the opportunity to go head-to-head against other departments (or within departments) to rack up points by hitting and exceeding goals. The gamification aspect of CrewHu makes it even more fun, engaging and challenging for your team. In CrewHu, employees can challenge each other—and the results mean even more attention to the goals you set based on customer feedback.

6. Get everyone on the same page

A great way for team members and management to share ideas, support each other and recognize one another is using the CrewHu Café. Just like their favorite social media sites, this “newsfeed” style interface gets everyone together and creates even more momentum toward achieving your customer service goals.

The perfect match: Your team & CrewHu

Get to know your customers on a whole new level. Use that information to align, engage and excite your team while making necessary changes to improve service. When you combine customer feedback with employee recognition, you’ll have the most effective tools necessary to make your customers more successful, which ultimately makes you more successful.

See what CrewHu can do by getting a free trial or contact us for more information on ways to recognize and reward your employees.

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