How to Identify Your Best & Worst Employees

How to Identify Your Best & Worst Employees

Posted by CrewHu on Sep 6, 2014

Bad Employee

Did you know that sometimes the employee that gets the most work done could actually be the worst employee for your business? This sounds a little strange but it is very true! There are many different types of employees within your organization and you need an easy way to recognize who's who so you can kick the bad habits and reinforce the right behavior in your team. But how do we do it quantitatively, and most importantly fast and easy? We use an employee scoring system called the crewHu score.

The Employee Scoring System (the crewHu score)

The crewHu score is based on a 4-box matrix that breaks your employees into 4 different categories which are measured based on their Engagement and Performance Levels:

A – High Engagement & High Performance
B – High Engagement & Low Performance
C – Low Engagement & Low Performance
D – Low Engagement & High Performance

HR Employee Matrix

As you can see the vertical line measures engagement which is composed of elements such as alignment with culture, team and management. The horizontal line measures performance based on metrics, numbers and goals. There are some basic inferences that can be made based on the type of employee you have identified using the matrix:

A – The best! Reward and reinforce their behavior. They are your future leaders.
B – Can become A players with focus on specific goals and performance metrics
C – Very hard to ever make them As
D – Poisonous, stay away!

We hear time and time again that D’s should be kept on because they are high performers but this is a mistake. These are the type of employees that only think of themselves, and never the team, the customer or your business. They usually have a short-term view that can end up hurting your company in the long run.

We must create initiatives to bring out the best in our employees, such as Identifying and rewarding A players, working with B players to transform them to A players, and root out those employees that don’t align with your company culture. The crewHu score helps us accomplish this.

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