Crewhu Welcomes New VP of Sales to Strategically Position Company to Accelerate Expansion Plans

Crewhu Welcomes New VP of Sales to Strategically Position Company to Accelerate Expansion Plans

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Jun 16, 2021


Crewhu, the leading employee engagement and gamification software platform for managed service providers (MSPs), is pleased to announce that Ryan Denning has joined the executive team as the Vice President of Sales.


Ryan’s responsibilities will focus on streamlining the sales process, promoting sales team leadership, expanding Crewhu’s presence in new national and international markets, and contributing to the company’s overall marketing and business strategies.

Ryan Denning is a veteran sales and marketing executive with 20 years of experience creating business strategies to exponentially increase company revenue. He most recently served as Vice President of Sales at Blackpoint Cyber where he scaled and grew the company’s sales to new record heights. Prior to this, Ryan was VP of Sales and Marketing served at Huntress Labs, Computer Solutions and FurtureCom, LTD.

"We’re looking at a very steep growth trajectory this year alone and we think that it’s just the beginning. As an experienced and successful sales executive, Ryan brings a unique balance of sales team building and strategies to exponentially increase the bottom line,“ explained Stephen Spiegel, Founder and CEO of Crewhu. “His proven track record in sales and his decades of experience driving company growth will be an asset to the Crewhu executive team’s synergy and long-term expansion plans.”

Crewhu was founded in 2013 as an outgrowth of Spiegel’s own business challenge of connecting with his employees to consistently deliver a high level of customer service. Designed specifically for MSPs, Crewhu’s goal is to empower the team with tools that let you focus on the metrics that matter, foster a company culture of recognition and collaboration to retain and incentivize your teams, and provide outstanding customer interactions.

“I made the jump to Crewhu because of the company culture and their focus on employees as the most important corporate asset and the key to success, “explained Denning. “Employee recognition and rewarding the little things every day are often overlooked though those initiatives can make a big difference in employee retention and customer interactions, and ultimately, the bottom line.”

About Crewhu:
Crewhu is a customer feedback gamification and recognition platform build for MSPs that makes it easy to engage and excite your team by focusing on the metrics that matter to improve performance, keep customers happy and grow your organization. For more information, visit

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