How MSPs Can Set New Hires Up for Success

How MSPs Can Set New Hires Up for Success

Posted by Jon Belgrad, CrewHu Content Strategist on Jan 20, 2016

Engage and excite new team members from Day 1!

You’ve interviewed and hired some of the brightest and best for your team. Now it’s time to bring your new talent in, get them started and ensure that they know, understand and embrace your company’s mission, values and culture. But what’s the best way to onboard, and what can you do to give them the best possible start? Take a look at this guide for tips, suggestions and techniques that some of the leading MSPs use:

Ready set go!

The worst thing that can happen to your new employee on their first day (or the first few days) is to have NOTHING to do. While everyone expects a learning curve when they begin at a new company, your new hire should feel valued and valuable from day one. To accomplish this, make sure their workstation is all set up, complete with computer, login credentials, phone, supplies, etc.

Give them a warm welcome

Make sure you greet your new team member in person on their first day and take them around to introduce them to their coworkers. Email your employees ahead of time to let them know of your new hire’s arrival and encourage them to check in with him/her on their first few days to make them feel more a part of the team.

Provide a company orientation

This is something that you can do before their first day, especially if you have several new team members starting during the same week. An orientation can cover all the company policies and benefits as well as day-to-day schedules and procedures that they’ll need to know. Be sure to include a tour of the entire company.

Assign them a buddy

Even if they’re super experienced and have worked for other MSPs or similar companies before, your new hires will benefit from having someone they can connect with right away for questions, concerns or simple camaraderie.

Use our employee recognition and reward program

If you’ve already implemented our employee recognition and reward program, make sure to get your new hire fired up to be a part of the action. They should be added to the roster of team members so they can start to rack up points and earn rewards as soon as possible. 

If you haven’t yet implemented CrewHu, consider how much more appealing your company culture will be with a program that you can use to give your team members measurable goals to hit, recognize top producers, and award points for stellar performance that can be redeemed for meaningful rewards. CrewHu brings together all the aspects of a winning company culture—one that will engage and excite your new and existing employees and increase long-term retention.

The process of onboarding isn’t new, but many companies struggle to create one that has all the necessary aspects to make new hires feel comfortable as part of the team. No matter how busy you and your existing team members are, you need a well-thought out and consistent onboarding program in place. Review these tips and check out what CrewHu can do for you when you sign up for a free trial!

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