Maximizing Employee Engagement with Your Crew (Part 1)

Maximizing Employee Engagement with Your Crew (Part 1)

Posted by Richard Dimarco Barea on Jun 22, 2014

When introducing your crew to their brand new engagement software it is important to remember that a properly trained staff will use and benefit most from using it day-to-day. In the next 3 blog series we will teach you how to:

  • Explain CrewHu's to your team
  • Launch a CrewHu Contest
  • Demo CrewHu

CrewHu is a sophisticated and full featured software that is composed of 6 modules that are used daily by your crew members. These 6 modules include:

  1. Contest Page
  2. Leaderboard
  3. Store
  4. Peer Recognition
  5. Score
  6. Dashboard

The employee training process should be done in 3 steps and takes no longer than 15-30 minutes. While some franchisees prefer splitting up the three steps individually (orientation, launch, demo) you can surely go through all the steps in one meeting.


You only have 1 chance for a first impression so make sure you're energy is enthusiastic, excited and engaging when you begin explaining CrewHu's 6 modules. The best way is to simply log on and click on the modules while you tell them the following phrases:

Contest Page

"This is where you can see all of our contests, contest goals, rewards and other contest information."

Leader Board

"This is the place where you can see how many point you've 'earned' and how you compare to the rest of your fellow peers."


This is where you can redeem your points for Gift cards and Prizes

Peer Recognition

This is where you can award badges to your fellow peers if you see them doing something that you feel deserves appreciation and recognition.


Using CrewHu's unique algorithm you'll be able to get unique score that measures how engaged you are here at Cold Stone!

My Dashboard

Monitor all activities in your unique dashboard that lets you know how you are doing in one quick view!


By now you should properly understood the features in CrewHu and how to have properly explained them to your employees to maximize engagement. Stay tuned for our next blog post where we will take you through detailed steps on how to Launch a CrewHu Contest and reward your team members with points for attending the training session in the launch phase followed by how to do a CrewHu Demo for your team!

Until next time, stay engaged!

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