About XL.net


XL.net is a managed IT service provider who helps small and medium-sized businesses gain a competitive edge by ensuring technology doesn’t hold them back.
Five years ago, XL.net started implementing a gamification program with Crewhu to improve employee recognition and incentive programs, enhance company culture, and better understand and implement customer feedback through CSAT.

The Challenge

Having a strong company culture is essential for success and growth, and happy, motivated employees perform better. It was important for XL.net to improve their company culture and increase employee engagement by offering incentive programs that focus on the metrics that matter and recognize the team for the great work they do every day

”Our culture was suffering,” says CEO Adam Radulovic of XL.net. “We had a lot of problems with employees not following procedure, circulating gossip, and just overall missing team goals and individual metrics.

We also needed a better way to solicit customer feedback for critical business metrics such as CSAT. We could guess that our CSAT metric measured somewhere in the low 80s, but we didn’t have a tool to track that metric or leverage any feedback associated with it,”
says Adam

The tools XL.net was using to track business metrics weren’t effective, so they turned to Crewhu’s employee engagement and gamification platform for help.

The Solution

Crewhu helped XL.net foster positive company culture and meet business objectives by using Employee Recognition and Gamification contests to motivate the team to change behaviors and make hitting metrics more engaging and fun. Crewhu also helped XL.net gather customer feedback data that would inspire organizational process changes to better serve their customers and keep service level agreements (SLAs) high.

The Results

Crewhu simultaneously allows us to better quantify our level of customer service while giving us better tools to focus on the metrics that matter most and recognize our employees for a job well done.

says Adam

3 Key Steps for Extraordinary Company Culture


Gamification of metrics and incorporation of incentive programs makes meeting goals fun and engaging. Keeps employees focused on core company values by rewarding them for the right behaviors.

Peer Recognition

It feels great to be able to recognize coworkers for doing a great job. Enabling teams and managers to reward each other fosters healthy interdepartmental relationships.

Employee Loyalty

Employees are more likely to stick around and actively work toward achieving company goals if they are recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Incentivize tasks deemed crucial for business success!


Step 1

Send automated reports to show what is working and not working with customers.

Step 2

Make changes based on the customer feedback to try to improve the quality of service they experience.

Step 3

Establish a feedback loop to ensure we’re addressing issues and making the right changes.


Crewhu gave us better insight into how our customers felt about their interactions with our team, which allowed us to make better decisions as a company to make sure they felt supported.

One of the first lessons we learned after we started with Crewhu was that customers weren’t satisfied with the way we handled workstation setups. In response, we developed a new team and process to ease the workload of our service team while providing better support for our customers. This resulted in a better project experience for both our employees and our customers.

Adam Radulovic CEO of XL.net

We had a high-paid engineer who did a great job, but he never completed a process at the end of a project that requires an email be sent to a client letting them know what their problem was and how it was solved. I had to call him and let him know he was putting his position in jeopardy by continuing to refuse to do this task, but he still didn’t do it. However, as soon as we started the 100% Closings Contest, he hit first place for 100% Closings! When I asked him, ‘What happened? You almost lost your job due to not following through on this task. What prompted you to do it?’ And he said, “The contest made it FUN!

Adam Radulovic CEO of XL.net