Mirus an Itlab Company

Mirus IT provides proactive strategic IT services and a full range of IT solutions to enterprises for business continuity and growth. In January 2017, Mirus IT decided to implement and optimize its customer feedback, employee recognition and incentive programs, ultimately, to increase their growth and business valuation for M&A.

The Challenge

A large focus was placed on using Autotask to interview clients with a series of five survey questions to understand how the organization was performing and then followed by a field visit asking 10 to 12 questions.

At the time, we were getting a 2.5% return to measure the quality of our service. We were lacking feedback,” says Chris Maybray, Service Delivery Director of Mirus IT. “We also were experiencing some employee turnover and customer churn. We had to find a way to address these issues in order to grow and increase our business valuation.

The current process Mirus IT was using to solicit customer feedback was not eective. So they turned to Crewhu for help.

The Solution

Crewhu helped Mirus IT overcome the customer feedback problem by focusing on business objectives and using Gamification as the primary mechanism to make their workplace more engaging and productive. Crewhu also helped Mirus IT implement employee recognition and incentive programs that changed the rules of engagement and inspired employees to change behaviors as a result.

The Results

Crewhu offers us a whole new way to look at employees, locations, and customer accounts. By providing us with the tools and a dashboard that instantly displays the results, we can see what kinds of feedback we are receiving from our clients by employee and location, which areas we excel at the most, and what areas we need to strategically focus on to improve our delivery and performance.

Chris Maybray Service Delivery Manager, Mirus IT

3 Step Strategy to Get Feedback and Keep Employees Engaged

Step 1

Collect feedback using Crewhu's 1 Click survey

Step 2

Gamification - Department and company-wide contests to keep the team engaged

Step 3

Publicly celebrate the small wins with the Service Ninja Awards

3 Step Strategy to Keep Clients Engaged and Increase Enterprise Value

Step 1

Send automated reports to show what is working and what is not working with clients

Step 2

Share the high service levels and process through marketing and on-site tours to improve reputation with clients and new hires

Step 3

Achieve ISO Certification by showcasing Mirus IT's ability to continuously improve through closed-loop feedback process
with Crewhu's platform

Crewhu makes it so simple for us to track performance and improvements over time. When you see things in green, you can see you are doing something right. By just implementing a few things around culture and the great feedback we have coming in, it changes our perspective and gives us confidence in our service and delivery.

Chris Maybray Service Delivery Director, Mirus IT

After implementation of our employee recognition program with CrewHu, we have seen 10x more ROI and have doubled our revenue since we started the program.

Paul Tomlinson Managing Partner, Mirus IT