Prize Automation Is the Secret Sauce of a Sizzling Employee Recognition Program

Prize Automation Is the Secret Sauce of a Sizzling Employee Recognition Program

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Nov 17, 2021



Nothing sends a jolt through the workforce like gamification and an exciting employee recognition program. However, a huge part of that buzz relies on fast fulfillment of the rewards. That’s where prize automation comes in.

Key Takeaways:

  • Employee recognition can be beneficial in motivating employees and improving customer satisfaction
  • Employee recognition software with prize automation removes the hassle and processing time of awarding prizes that employees win
  • Crewhu’s prize automation solution makes it easy to recognize, redeem, and reward your team faster

One of the best decisions you can make for your MSP is to establish an employee recognition program through gamification. This is true for many reasons, including:

Improved company culture

Company culture is all about the way the company understands its mission and executes it. More importantly, it can be seen at every level in the way they behave while executing their jobs.

There is no better way to ensure employees absorb the right habits and understanding of their jobs than by gamifying their activities. Gamification ensures the employees learn what company expectations are and how to properly execute and meet goals.

Greater engagement and sense of belonging

Gamification and employee recognition will make employees feel valued and appreciated, leading to a feeling of belonging. Employees who feel valued for the work they do take greater pride in it and become more engaged, which in turn leads to your business being more profitable.

Collaboration and teamwork

When you institute an employee recognition program, you not only motivate employees to hit targets and accomplish their goals, but you also bring departments closer together.

This works best when you gamify and reward team activities just as much as individualized tasks. Team goals ensure that unity and cohesion don’t take a back seat to individual achievement.

Desirability to new recruits

Even if you are not currently hiring, you need to be able to attract the best talent available at any time. This is especially important if your company is growing and would have to hire in the future.

The priorities of today’s job seekers are not what they used to be. Today’s talent is not on the lookout for whoever can offer them the most money. They are looking for a sense of purpose and belonging. They want to feel like the work they do makes a real impact that they can take pride in.

The talent of today wants to sign up for employers who have a strong ethical focus and are prepared to invest in their workforce over the long term. And you can be sure they look for these features on sites like Glassdoor when deciding where to work next.

One of the best ways to make your company more attractive in this present climate is gamification and employee recognition. Over 65% of employees already report they don’t feel valued and appreciated at work, and you can be sure that prospective candidates are not looking to join those ranks when they sign up with their next employer

Lower turnover

It costs much more to acquire a new employee than it would have cost to retain the old one you let get away. Indeed, the costs of implementing features that reduce employee turnover are far less than what you spend in recruiting, onboarding, and training a new recruit over the course of months.

Leveraging gamification and employee recognition makes it even easier to retain top talent. Companies that implement employee recognition experience a 31% drop in voluntary employee turnover. Employees in these companies work harder, take more pride in their work, and feel engaged and recognized — all the ingredients workers need to stick around for longer.

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Greater job satisfaction

It is easier for tension to rise in the workplace than many people are willing to admit. The high-tension, high-pressure, and fast-paced nature of today’s office makes this almost inevitable. Colleagues or co-workers can start feeling resentful of one another and relationships can get strained.

It makes sense to implement activities and initiatives that act as a valve to let all that negative energy out of the office and create a more cohesive and harmonious workforce. Employee recognition works well because 50% of workers believe that appreciation, praise, and encouragement from management improve the relationship and trust between both groups. Likewise, collaboration and teamwork between employees are enhanced by employee recognition, leading to improved results.

Failure to implement valves like these could leave your workplace feeling like a warzone characterized by cliques, destructive allegiances, and high turnover rate among employees.

Employee recognition programs can fail without prize automation

Gamification and employee recognition works well to engage employees and motivate them to do their jobs better. That’s a documented fact. However, the system only works in an atmosphere of trust.

Any mistake or delay in awarding prizes to deserving employees will reflect badly on the company and undermine the trust that exists between them and management — the complete opposite of what you set out to accomplish with gamification and employee recognition in the first place. This is why prize automation is an important feature of any well-run employee recognition initiative.

You can take out the possibility of mistakes or delays by incorporating prize automation into your employee recognition program. Fortunately, this is easy to do with digital solutions like those offered by Crewhu.

Improve your employee recognition program with Crewhu’s prize automation software solution

Crewhu’s prize automation solution helps you see faster results from your employee reward programs. This solution offers easier prize procurement and faster reward times, so you can start enjoying the benefits of a happy workforce sooner.

A happy workforce is a more productive workforce and has greater trust in management and leadership. Contact Crewhu for a demonstration today.

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