5 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction Survey Responses

5 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction Survey Responses

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Aug 10, 2017


Make it easy for your customers to provide feedback

Sales calls, spam, pop-up ads - social media, news letters, life -  we’re bombarded with attention traps, and cutting through all that white noise can be a trick many businesses simply don’t have the time to do properly. You know customer feedback is key to improving your service, but how do you get them to participate?

Ratings scales and “will you take our survey?” emails are often ignored or seen as intrusions, meaning customers are less likely to take part. Some customer satisfaction surveys have so many questions that busy customers are almost immediately turned off, meaning you don’t get the information you need to make sure they’re happy and that your employees are providing the best support.

5 ways to make customer satisfaction surveys easy and drive results

  • Use a 1 click survey. The beauty of this is in its simplicity. In literally one click, your customers can tell you exactly how they’re feeling. Crewhu’s AWESOME | OK | BAD scale is a perfect barometer that’s easy on customers, and gives your employees the information they need to plan their next course of action. Adding comments is completely optional, so customers never feel like feedback is a chore.
  • Give them more than one chance. Don’t just ask for feedback when a ticket is closed, but at every interaction with a customer. You can add a 1 click survey to your email signature and also add it on each ticket reply in your CRM to get important feedback more quickly...any electronic touch point is the perfect time to ask for feedback.
  • Simple is beautiful. If your survey requests and email templates look like the opening chapter of War and Peace, your customers aren’t likely to pay much attention. They’re just as busy scanning their inboxes as you are, so keep email templates simple and clean, with a singular and clear call to action. How do you know when you’ve hit the mark? Monitor responses, watch the data, and test elements such as subject lines, button placements, and email content until you find the mix that gets results.
  • Don’t set and forget. Your perfect feedback system of automated emails, customer satisfaction surveys, and employee performance metrics isn’t helpful if you’re not monitoring the data. Particularly look at which customers are providing feedback and which are not. Silence isn’t always golden – customers who aren’t even taking the time for a 1 click survey may be seriously unhappy or disengaged and considering leaving. 
  • Pick up the phone. Create a process for your employees to reach out to the client contact once a ticket is closed to let them know their feedback is important, and to ask them to fill out the 1 click survey attached to the closed ticket notification email. This does 2 things:
    1. Shows your client that you are a customer-centric organization focused on improving service delivery. 
    2. Gives your client accountability in the service delivery process. They will better understand that in order to continue to improve service delivery and product offerings, they will need to provide feedback.
If you’re monitoring feedback data regularly, you’ll be able to put an engagement strategy in place that gives both your employees and clients clear direction on how to participate in the closed-loop customer feedback process, with one end in mind: to improve service delivery.


Find an ally

Crewhu’s 1-click survey lets your customers provide feedback that’s simple and quick, meaning they’re more likely to participate, giving your team the data you need to improve customer relationships and grow your business. To see how our tools can garner meaningful feedback, schedule a demo today.


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