How Gamification Improves Company Culture

How Gamification Improves Company Culture

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Sep 14, 2022


Gamification helps you build a system that keeps employees involved and motivated

Key takeaways

  • Your company culture is strong if there are happier employees, consistent growth, and improved decision-making.
  • Gamification creates avenues for team members to learn more about each other.
  • You can show employees you appreciate their efforts by allowing them to win points through gamification.
  • If you want your employees to stay motivated, you need to show them that you care.
  • For your gamification needs, always use a platform tailored to your company.

Let’s be honest: Trying to maintain strong company culture isn’t as easy as it sounds. First, your employees have different personalities, so it’s difficult to keep everyone equally engaged and satisfied. In addition to that, finding the right tool to help you ensure that your company’s values are held in high esteem can be a headache.

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This is where gamification comes in. But how exactly can it take your company culture to the next level? In this article, we’ll show you why you should use gamification to reward employees. Let’s delve in.

Encourages team bonding

For a company culture to stand the test of time, it requires teamwork. Company culture requires all hands on deck for the business to succeed. When everyone is working toward the company’s mission and vision, it can be achieved easier.

Gamification encourages your employees to work with each other while having fun. With gamification, teammates must work together to meet targets to receive rewards. It builds strong relationships that will last. When teammates play together, they get to understand each other better, and this leads to mutual respect.

Imagine a company where teammates don’t know one another’s names. What you end up with is a working environment where individuality replaces togetherness. Keep in mind, however, that teams are made of people with different personalities, so games should be diverse to accommodate everyone’s interests. That way, no one feels left out.

Improves employee engagement

One of the ways to improve employee engagement is through gamification. You can easily spot an employee who isn’t engaged from a distance. For one, there’s little or no interest in improving themselves and their work.

Everyone likes to have fun, especially when they’re working. By introducing gaming to everyday work activities, you’ll be encouraging employees to work harder, without adding stress, through exciting gaming activities. After all, gamification produces a relaxed environment.

Have you been thinking of a way to motivate disengaged employees? Then what you need is gamification. Remember that a strong company culture requires a team effort. One disengaged employee can affect workplace positivity.

Produces higher job satisfaction

Job satisfaction occurs when employees feel a sense of contentment with their work. An employee who is satisfied with their job will enjoy their tasks and keep a positive outlook. By introducing gamification into your company, you’ll be creating an avenue for employees to enjoy their work.

Work can become boring and rigid because the same tasks are performed daily; that’s why gamification is necessary. Employees will be happier at work because they know that with every task comes prizes to win, whether it’s more points on the leaderboard, badges, or gift cards.

Promotes employee retention

No employee wants to work in a negative and toxic environment. People are naturally drawn to where they feel wanted. The probability that your employees will move on to the next company that promises better service is not far-fetched. Thanks to gamification, you can kill two birds with one stone: You can keep your employees entertained while showing your appreciation for their work. Employees are less likely to resign from their position when they realize that their needs are a priority. You can retain your best workers if you create an avenue for them to learn more via gamification while satisfying their need for instant gratification.

Bridges the gap between manager and employee

Company culture is inclusive. This means that no one gets left behind. Employees and managers need to build strong relationships because company culture requires a combined effort.

Through gamification, your employees learn that they’re valuable to you. Can your employees walk up to your office and share ideas or suggestions with you, or do they cower and hide when they see you approaching? If your answer is the latter, then perhaps they don’t feel appreciated or recognized.

Your company culture reflects the values you share as a company. If these values don’t lead to employees feeling safe around you, then maybe they should be checked. Gamification will not only open the way to having conversations with your employees but will also strengthen your relationship with them, translating into a better work environment.

Empowers employees

Naturally, people will do more if they feel appreciated, and your employees are no different. Through gamification, you can motivate your employees to keep doing their best. In a survey conducted on gamification at work, 88% of the participants said that gamification contributed to their happiness at work.

Also, due to the competitive nature of gamification, employees will always want to improve so they can win more points. Good company culture is geared toward the growth and development of employees and gamification is a great way to ensure that your employees see that you’re interested in their development.

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