Improving Customer Satisfaction Scores

Improving Customer Satisfaction Scores

Posted by Alona Bolotnikova on Feb 2, 2017


Happy customers should be a priority for any business, and using customer service management tools like a client satisfaction survey provides you with invaluable information. Based on client data, improving a CSAT score from the 70%’s to the 90%’s can take little effort, but increases client retention over 50%. So what is a simple way to increase your customer satisfaction scores?

Providing your customer service representatives with best practice guidelines and measuring their performance can improve customer service levels and ensure that your employees are striving toward getting more smiles from your clients. In turn, the positive feedback and recognition from clients can be a powerful motivator for your team.

Here are three tips for providing constructive feedback to your service desk team:

Keep it Timely

Similarly to employee recognition awards being handed out promptly, constructive feedback should be delivered as soon as areas of improvement are discovered. Daily feedback can both recognize strengths and nip any bad habits in the bud.

Keep it Quantitative 

Subjective feedback can often be confusing and doesn’t provide your employees with a guide as to what specific actions they should be taking instead. Keeping feedback quantitative gives them the precise tools to fix any issues that they may have.

Keep it Unbiased

Internal feedback can often be biased to the company’s process as well as to certain staff. Providing external feedback removes these biases and many employees find it preferable to receive guidance from someone outside of the organization.

By providing your team with the specific tools they need to succeed, they are far more likely to deliver the results you expect from them. Improving service quality makes clients happier, and tying the results of customer surveys to rewards for your team will help keep them motivated and engaged.

Perfecting Service offers daily, quantitative, and unbiased feedback for customer service representatives in order to improve their customers’ experiences. For more information and to start a free trial, please contact Perfecting Service or email Alona (AT)

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