3 Ways Employee Recognition Software Helps MSP Businesses

3 Ways Employee Recognition Software Helps MSP Businesses

Posted by Stephen on Apr 28, 2015

Employee recognition software offers value to your team by increasing efficiency and spreading your company's culture to your employees and customers. As a manager (maybe for a managed service provider) you are always looking for ways to improve your departments efficiency. Through our recognition platform, we make it easy to set goals, measure performance, and recognize + reward team members fairly, all leading to an increase in revenue for your business. Get started with our FREE SMART Goals template and you'll be on your way to increasing your ROI with all your employees. 

Our friend Kevin Studley owner of The Network Pro shared some details of his experience while working with CrewHu's software. Thank you Kevin for sharing your great experience!

Set SMART Goals

CrewHu allows your to set up SMART Goals to help your team succeed.  Download our FREE SMART Goals template or read another blog post which includes good SMART Goals examples and a simple methodology for creating SMART Goals. The main takeaway is that in order to reach a goal, you must set yourself (or your team) up for success.  You do this by making sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely

Kevin Studley on his experience setting goals for his employees: "All of my employees loved it! Feedback has been phenomenal, employees love knowing that they have set goals and are being rewarded for their work."

Measure Performance

It is imperative to be able to measure your employees performance. This way, they know what is expected of them, and it is clear whether or not they reached their goals which you set up.  The contest leader board allows employees to check in and stay up to date with how they are performing up against the rest or the team for the current goals they are trying to reach.
What Kevin had to say about using CrewHu for measuring his teams performance: "It's improved our HR Management. We are using CrewHu to improve our quarterly employee performance reviews by integrating the quantitative data that lets us know which employees hit their target."

Spread Recognition Awards to Deserving Employees

By rewarding your team with CrewHu Bucks, team members are able to redeem CrewHu Bucks at the store for rewards of their choice (i.e. Gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, your local pizzeria, etc.) By tracking your team as they work towards their goals, you will know who deserves a raise, and who needs to boost their efforts and improve on their results. CrewHu allows you to transparently track the accomplishments of employees, making it clear to them if they are providing the results you expect or if they need to improve. We know you can't watch over all your employees 24/7, CrewHu makes it so you don't need to! What's great about CrewHu is that it allows team members to recognize and award each other with value-based badges in the CrewHu Cafe. Not sure what a good award may be for your first goal? Size your Employee Incentive Programs, explains how to create proportionate awards based on the goal.


Kevin's opinion on how CrewHu has helped his business reward good behavior: "As the leader of my company it was my responsibility to recognize good productive behavior, but I got a 'great feeling' when I saw how the rest of the team (employees) started recognizing & giving each other badges in the CrewHu Cafe!" and it also made it easy for Kevin to decide who deserved raises/promotions, "At the end of the year when all of our employees come around asking for raises or promotions it's great to be able to refer to CrewHu to validate top performers and reward them accordingly."


CrewHu's employee recognition software makes it easy to setup SMART Goals, measure progress, and award accordingly all from one simple platform! Get started today and increase productivity, customer service, and sales activity immediately.  And you may be asking yourself, "Is it worth it?" I'll leave it to Kevin to see what he had to say about the cost: "I ran CrewHu for my team for 1-week and saved $1000, it paid for itself for 3 years. That's really simple math for me to do." It's cheap and it pays for itself! Start now and turn your team into your competitive advantage! 

FREE SMART Goals Template [Download Now]  

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