Why You Need to Automate Gamification and Employee Recognition, and How to Make Sure the Process Doesn’t Suck

Why You Need to Automate Gamification and Employee Recognition, and How to Make Sure the Process Doesn’t Suck

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Nov 10, 2021



Employee recognition is an important aspect of boosting engagement and maintaining employee loyalty, but execution remains a problem for many companies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gamification makes you a better employer in several different ways, but especially because it makes work more fun and keeps employees more engaged
  • Prize automation ensures that rewards don’t take too long to get delivered, which could undermine trust and employer credibility
  • Prize automation tech solutions also provide key features like transparency that build trust in remote or hybrid teams

One of the most effective ways to boost employee engagement is to establish a transparent and robust employee recognition and reward program. However, many companies fail in the execution of such programs, which in turn negatively impacts trust and employer credibility.

One way to bolster your employee recognition scheme and set it up for success is gamification. Gamification can go a long way to identifying deserving employees, making work more fun, improving employee retention while learning, and showing that you care as an employer.

6 ways gamification makes you a better employer

Here’s how gamification impacts your employees and makes you a better employer once it is implemented.

  • 1. Boosts employee morale

Gamification uses gaming techniques to keep workers more motivated and engaged in their daily tasks. It is no wonder that almost 90% of employees report that gamification makes them feel happier at their work and over 80% credit it to making them feel more motivated.

When your employees know they’re working toward a worthy and attainable goal, they become more focused on the tasks before them.

  • 2. Increases productivity

By its very nature, gamification causes productivity to rise. About 90% of employees believe they would be more productive at work if it were gamified. Gamification incorporates techniques like rewarding employees for reaching goals and celebrating small wins, all of which keep them focused on tasks and enhance the sense of accomplishment in their work. This focus and sense of accomplishment greatly increase productivity.

  • 3. Shows appreciation

Many employees drag their feet and slouch their shoulders around the office because they feel unrecognized and underappreciated. They feel like there’s no point to their work, and this quickly saps their energy and leaves them discouraged. 

Gamification can turn things around, so employees start feeling satisfied and purposeful at work. Introducing gamification boosts productivity and also shows your employees that you care about their state of mind. The fact that they get rewarded for doing a good job encourages them more than anything that came before and leaves them trying their hardest to do a good job.

  • 4. Makes your company more attractive to work for

According to one survey, 78% of respondents feel a company would be more attractive to work for if gamification was part of the recruitment process. Gamification makes your company stand out among employers and helps attract the best talent.

  • 5. Reduces employee burnout

Gamification helps with employee burnout because the more employees are engaged, productive, and satisfied with their tasks, the less likely they are to experience burnout. Gamification punctuates the tedious routine with games that allow employees to interact with each other and enjoy themselves at work.

Employees find more joy and purpose when their work is gamified and are thus less likely to grow weary and start looking for work elsewhere. Gamification should thus be introduced as early as possible to retain workers from the start.

  • 6. Builds Relationships

Games bring people together and build stronger bonds between them. This is a natural result of gamification in the workplace. People learn more about each other as they compete and collaborate, leading to greater performance all around. Even the relationship between you as an employer and workers will be strengthened by gamification if the gaming techniques address workers’ specific needs.

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The important role that prize automation can play

Gamification is just one important aspect of employee reward plans. Another equally important aspect is fulfillment, or making sure that rewards get to deserving employees quickly, so they don’t lose trust in the whole process and feel short-changed. Unfortunately, a lot of companies fail at the execution part of rewarding, even after gamification has been implemented. 

One sure-fire way to eliminate the problem is prize automation. With prize automation, your company can guarantee that your incentive programs will build trust among employees. Prize automation speeds up the reward process, saves time, and increases engagement across the workforce.

Technology like Crewhu’s prize automation solution makes prizes easier and faster to redeem, features that your staff will appreciate. This helps make sure you see positive results from your incentive programs and reduces the chances of your employees losing trust in the process.

Gamification and prize automation build trust among employees

No matter the sort of gifts you choose to hand out for your employee incentive program, you have a better chance of building trust if you automate gamification and the prize award. 

Apart from the fact that prize automation makes the procurement and reward system faster and more reliable, it also lends a level of transparency to the entire incentive initiative that is critical for success and employee satisfaction.

Given the rapid adoption of hybrid workforce models where a significant portion of workers operate away from the office, transparency across all aspects of your organization, including employee reward initiatives, is key. Transparency helps dispel any fears and doubts that may be lingering in the minds of employees.

With gamification, employees know expectations and can see when they are being met. Prize automation makes sure the rewards are delivered quickly to deserving employees, building their trust in the process.

Crewhu is the first employee recognition and customer satisfaction software platform ever. We make it easy to collect the data needed to successfully reward employees. Our prize automation solution makes it easy to reward employees faster, foster engagement, and build trust among your workforce. To learn more, schedule a demo with Crewhu today.

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