Ramp up Your Employee Recognition Efforts Early in 2017

Ramp up Your Employee Recognition Efforts Early in 2017

Posted by CrewHu on Dec 21, 2016

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Start the New Year right by showing your employees how much you care

Did you know that employees are most enthusiastic at the beginning of the New Year? This time of year marks a fresh and squeaky clean slate for your thriving business. Aside from hitting the reset button on the calendar year and perhaps your fiscal year, the onset of 2017 stamps a new beginning for the growth of your employees as well.

New goals will be set for team members, presenting fresh opportunities for everyone onboard to step up to the plate. Just as you have set new goals for your business, your team members have likewise set new professional resolutions for the year ahead—goals and aspirations that will mark new ambitions.

Whether that means hitting record sales numbers or finally getting into that corner office, your team is no doubt energized to achieve these goals. As an employer, you will be presented with a million opportunities to recognize and reward your superstar team with all of this New Year charisma spilling into the company.

An early win often leads to later wins

Take advantage of this New Year gusto by recognizing the efforts of your team whenever the opportunity presents itself. This not only strengthens company culture, but early recognition can be a catalyst for future success. Ramping up your employee recognition efforts early on will compound the New Year productivity boost exponentially, and those benefits will be felt throughout the entire year.

As the old adage goes, “success breeds more success”. Positive reinforcement creates a snowball effect of continued success, so it’s best to get the ball rolling as early as possible.

Ensure culture starts off on the right foot

One thing we always preach at crewHu is the importance of timing when promoting employee recognition. Oftentimes, we see far too many employers wait until office culture is suffering before taking action. By that time, you’re already fighting an uphill battle, and thus, are hampering the net effect of your efforts to reenergize your team.

Instead of awarding your team for positive actions when you are already in turmoil, take the time to applaud the continued acts of success that take place even when your company is at its peak performance. Think about it: when you recognize individual accomplishments and efforts during a time of upturn, you are showing that you recognize employee efforts at all times.

Hit the ground running

Rather than being reactive, it’s both beneficial and much more effective to start the year’s company culture off on a high note. Promoting employee and peer recognition programs early is like a booster shot for morale. Early promotion of a positive culture strengthens the moral of your team and prepares them for the inevitable trials that are to come throughout the year. The entire team will hit the ground running – chomping at the bit of success!

So how do you ensure that your team sets the bar high from the start? With the beginning of a New Year comes the beginning of new opportunities. Implement employee recognition software for heightened success! Visit us at crewHu today to begin your free trial!

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