5 Effective Customer Satisfaction Surveys

5 Effective Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Dec 15, 2022


Conducting surveys is a great way to learn more about your customers and what influences their decisions. Here are some successful examples to inspire your next customer survey. 

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Customer satisfaction is an integral part of your business. When people visit your website or enter your store, they either purchase your products or services or move to another business. 

As an owner or manager, it can be difficult to identify the reasons behind your customers’ actions. Why didn’t they buy anything? Was there something about your products or services they didn’t like? What can you do to convert more browsers into paying customers?

You can find answers to these questions using surveys, but only if you know how to ask. And the easiest way to find out what works is to look at what other successful companies have done. In this article, we’ll take you through six surveys from well-known brands that can show you what your customer satisfaction should look like. 

Overview of customer satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are questions that give you an understanding of customer behavior and help you determine what prospects think about your business. Their responses can provide insight into their opinions on your products, services, and overall customer experience. With data from these surveys, you can conduct market research and determine what aspects of your business need improvement. 

5 examples of effective customer surveys

Let's look at successful customer survey examples from real brands that will give you an idea of what your surveys should look like. 

1. Amazon 

Amazon is currently one of the most widely used eCommerce websites in the world. Their customer satisfaction surveys are aimed at gathering feedback that will help them improve customer experience.

For example, when you contact their customer service team, they send you a survey to rate their performance and ask if you could understand the rep. What we love about this survey is that they leave a section for you to add comments. Overall, the survey helps Amazon determine whether their customers’ pain points have been resolved and what the company can do to improve customer experience.

2. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is one of the popular fast-food brands that has championed the art of gathering feedback from their customers. We’re impressed with the method they chose to get customers to fill out their surveys. 

Like many companies, Taco Bell prints survey instructions on their receipts. But the twist is that everyone who completes their survey gets entered into a raffle for a cash prize. What's not to love about that? A survey like this is almost guaranteed to be effective because customers will be eager to participate for a chance at the prize. This is a great idea you can include in your next survey. 

3. McDonald’s

McDonald’s uses a survey strategy similar to Taco Bell’s. Their receipts come with survey instructions that include an offer that can be redeemed after you complete the survey. But they go one step further by clearly explaining that the offer is redeemable no matter how you respond to the questions. This way, they improve their chances of getting honest answers about customers’ experiences with the business. 

4. Etsy 

When it comes to surveys, eCommerce company Etsy stands out from the crowd. They don't follow the usual method of sending surveys through their customer service reps. Rather, the process goes through their research team. 

This strategy makes sense for Etsy because their surveys tend to be longer and more involved than most. And customers might be more open to taking the time to provide feedback if they understand that it’s for research purposes. 

To establish a relationship with its customers, Etsy includes a picture of the team member who sent the email. In addition, the email comes with a custom greeting, giving it a personal feel. They make you feel like you’re part of a family.

5.  Uber

Uber collects feedback from both passengers and drivers, which is an excellent idea since they have two target audiences. After every ride, drivers rate the passengers while passengers rate the drivers. This helps drivers feel they matter as much to the company as the passenger, which can help Uber attract and retain better drivers.

It also helps riders and drivers avoid bad experiences in the future. If a driver has a low rating, a customer can choose to order another ride. In the same way, a driver can decide to cancel a trip if the customer has a lower rating.

As you can see, there are many different ways to conduct a successful customer satisfaction survey. The trick is to find the way that works best for your business.

Let Crewhu help you

For your business to succeed, you must know what your customers think about your products and services. With surveys, you can get the feedback you need to improve your brand. 

Of course, coming up with fresh ideas for your customer satisfaction surveys can be a daunting task. That’s why Crewhu is here to help. Our customer service management strategies will help you attract new buyers while retaining the old ones. 

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