10 Exciting Virtual Team-Building Games for Remote Success

10 Exciting Virtual Team-Building Games for Remote Success

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Jul 5, 2023


Discover engaging virtual team-building games to foster collaboration, boost morale, and create a strong company culture among remote teams.

72.1.2 C CrewHuIn today's fast-paced business environment, virtual team-building has become an essential tool for maintaining a strong company culture and fostering collaboration among remote workers. As organizations continue to adapt to the increasing prevalence of remote work, it’s crucial to keep crew members engaged and connected despite geographical barriers.

This comprehensive guide will delve into the importance of virtual team-building activities in boosting morale and building community within distributed teams. By incorporating these engaging games into your organization’s routine, you’re sure to see improvements in employee satisfaction, productivity levels, and overall success in achieving your goals.

Importance of virtual team building

In today’s remote work environment, virtual team-building activities are essential for streamlining communication, increasing productivity, and ensuring employees feel seen and heard. A strong company culture that values teamwork and collaboration can be fostered by incorporating fun games into workflows and social planning initiatives.

Engaging in virtual team-building games also helps maintain a positive office environment while working remotely, keeping your team members engaged even during online meetings. Virtual team building activities such as virtual happy hour, virtual trivia, and friendly competition can help team members bond and build relationships.

Fostering these connections among remote employees is crucial to creating a sense of belonging despite the physical distance between crew members. Virtual team-building games can help employees feel more connected and build a sense of community. 

Breaking the ice

Starting weekly meetings with icebreaker questions or using group chat platforms throughout the week helps promote open communication among crewmates while fostering a sense of belonging. Try kicking off meetings by asking team members to share something personal or unique about themselves. Or encourage conversation on current affairs in group chats, allowing team members to bond over shared interests and opinions.

Encouraging your team to take part in creative collaborative initiatives is another excellent method for connecting through mutual interests. Try out these fun activities:

  • Organizing virtual gift exchanges: Set up a Secret Santa-style event where remote employees can send and receive gifts from their colleagues.
  • Collaborative playlist creation on Spotify: Encourage team members to contribute songs to a shared Spotify playlist, reflecting the company culture or current project themes.
  • Virtual Coffee Breaks: Encourage informal socialization among remote employees by scheduling regular virtual coffee breaks via video chat.
  • Virtual Book Clubs or Movie Nights outside of work hours also provide unique relationship-building opportunities. Crew members can get together to decide which books or movies to cover and introduce each other to their personal favorites.
  • Virtual Team Trivia nights: Organize a fun-filled evening of virtual trivia to encourage friendly competition among your remote employees.

Virtual team-building games & activities

Games are a great way to keep team members engaged and connected while working remotely. These virtual activities not only help to boost morale but also improve problem-solving skills. Here are some popular options:

  • Guess the Emoji Board: A fun game that challenges team members to guess the correct phrase or word represented by a series of emojis.
  • Pancakes vs Waffles: A friendly competition where team members vote for their favorite breakfast food and defend their choice.
  • Typing Speed Races: A game that challenges team members to type a given phrase or sentence as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • Spreadsheet Pixel-Art Challenges: A creative activity where team members use Excel or Google Sheets to create pixel art.
  • Print-Paper Origami Sessions: A relaxing activity where team members can follow along with an origami tutorial and make their own paper creations.

For a more structured team-building activity, consider:

  • Virtual Escape Rooms: Almost like the real thing, these games encourage crew members to work together to solve puzzles.
  • Online Team-Building Bingo: A classic game with a virtual twist that keeps remote employees engaged during video conferences.

Virtual happy hours and trivia games are also great options for team building. Using a video conferencing platform, team members can connect and engage in friendly competition while working remotely. Keeping your team engaged and connected is important, even when working from outside the office environment.

Popular virtual team-building games

Boost team morale and engagement with popular virtual games such as Gingerbread Wars, Something in Common, Virtual Amazing Race, or War of Wizards, which aligns with business goals while fostering teamwork and collaboration. Other popular ideas include themed events like murder mysteries, as well as Minesweeper challenges and The Price is Almost Right competitions.

As you can see, the possibilities for virtual team-building are almost endless – so much so that it can seem a little overwhelming. Which is where the experts at Crewhu come in.

Let Crewhu gamify your business

Virtual team-building games are essential for remote crews to stay connected, build relationships, and improve productivity. With the right activities in place, virtual teams can overcome distance barriers and work together effectively.

If you're looking for a platform that incorporates gamification techniques to streamline employee recognition and engagement while tracking OKRs and goal-setting progress all in one place, check out Crewhu. It’s an excellent tool to help boost morale among your remote workforce and keep your customers engaged. Book a demo today to find out how our crew can help you improve employee and customer satisfaction and boost your bottom line.

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