About Kraft Technology Group


Kraft Technology Group is an MSP delivering top-shelf computer services, IT security, and network support to businesses in and around Nashville, Tennessee. Kraft helps small and mid-size businesses operate more efficiently through the secure utilization of best-in-breed technology with the right IT support and management solutions.

The Challenge

What’s Holding Back Your Growth?

MSPs have a unique position in the market right now. More people are working remotely, so a lot of businesses need the help of an MSP to provide technology support and services for remote work and other new technical demands. However, most MSPs don’t have the bandwidth to bring on these new customers, so they keep losing opportunities. The problem isn’t just about sales – it’s about operational maturity and efficiency.


For Kraft Technology Group, this has been a big obstacle to growth. Another challenge has been not getting the right people in the right seats. MSPs like Kraft need to have people on board who want to document business processes and help the business grow. This takes much more than just following a procedure or completing a task. Great employees do those things too, but they also update tasks, create new ones, and keep improving processes.


Kraft realized that what they really needed was a documentation culture, where the right metrics are being tracked, everyone is committed to documenting, and rewards systems keep employees engaged and customers satisfied. Once they discovered what was wrong and what they needed, they were able to take the right next steps to improve documentation.


The Solution

Emphasizing mission and core values

One of the most important factors for Kraft, which helped them grow 25% to 45% over the last four years, was making sure they were always aligned with their mission and core company values, which center around helping small and mid-sized businesses securely optimize technology.


To get buying across the entire organization, employees have to understand this mission and be able to see where they fit into it. What is their contribution? When they can recognize this, they feel a greater sense of purpose in what they’re doing. This then boosts engagement, motivation, and satisfaction.


This line of analysis helps business leaders understand when someone just isn’t a right fit for the role. Kraft started focusing more on having the right people in the right seats by emphasizing their mission and prioritizing documentation.


The Solution

Documentation Maturity

The right company metrics can validate whether an employee aligns with the company’s mission and values. For Kraft, the top metrics that showed them this were tracking and reporting on utilization rate, billable hours, and the number of certifications completed, and customer satisfaction surveys from Crewhu.

Certifications Rewards

Certifications are especially important to helping Kraft fulfill its mission of securely optimizing technology for other companies. So, focusing more on the team and training around security is a big priority. They paid extra attention to whether employees were choosing to follow professional development requirements and achieving new certifications.

This turned into a metric Kraft used for evaluating employee performance. When an employee achieves a particular certification for a partnership, they get a certain number of Crewhu points that can be cashed in for badges, prizes and other rewards. This reinforces the desired action, employees pursuing continuing certifications, with concrete recognition that leads to tangible rewards.

Daily and Weekly Contests

Kraft implemented daily and weekly contests for documentation engagement. Documents created, updated, and viewed were tracked, and their service award is connected to the employees who deliver the best performance.

These contests helped the team understand more about customer service tickets. If a ticket was being escalated, it needed to be documented, for example. Without documentation, ticket resolution time may be too slow, which leads to unhappy customers, and ticket completeness could be lower, as well.

In addition to creating a culture of documentation and boosting engagement with contests, tracking ticket completeness and utilization also helps Kraft determine when they need to hire someone new. These concrete measurements let Kraft make staffing decisions based on data instead of a general feeling that the current staff may need more help.

Kraft also connects contests to customer experience scores to measure customer service. These two areas of measurement work together to create a more positive culture based on documentation and engagement.

All of these updates to Kraft’s processes helped them develop documentation maturity. This means they have the visibility necessary to understand how successful their documentation approach is and how effective employees are at implementing best practices.

5 Key Documentation Metrics

Here are the top five documentation metrics for MSPs to track:

  • Documents created: What percentage of client environments are being documented?
  • Documents updated: How many documents are being edited by teams?
  • Documents viewed: Are teams viewing documents?
  • Documents deleted: How many documents are being removed to stay organized?
  • Documentation engagement score: What is the overall performance score using the above metrics?

Then, MSPs need to incorporate the right methods to build a culture around these documentation metrics. Top systems to do this include:

  • Gamification
  • Contests and points systems


4 Steps to Scale Growth


Prioritize documentation

With documentation, you bring your people into your mission. Everyone is aligned to the KPIs and follows them, and teams better understand which metrics are critical to the business and which improve service delivery. Rewarding employees for documenting encourages them to keep doing it.


Improve customer satisfaction

All of this alignment leads to better customer service scores and greater satisfaction, which drives the future growth engine. By focusing on documenting key metrics, the whole company improves the way it delivers services.


Track metrics with rewards

There’s no better way to align teams around the metrics that matter than with contests — like Kraft’s service awards, where employees get Crewhu points when they hit a target. Gamify your metrics and see big results.


Improve project work

When project work gets a boost with all these moving parts, so does the business’s bottom line. Better processes lead to long-term success. Leaders are encouraged to rely on the carrot versus stick approach for motivation, where the carrot is a reward for compliance and the stick is a consequence for noncompliance. The better employees feel about their work, the more motivated they remain over time.

The Results

For Kraft, the results have been huge. They have maintained customer satisfaction scores (CSATs) at 99% since they started tracking them in Crewhu. When a project is closed, they have a survey attached to it to capture the data right away that can be directly related to an interaction and team member. This helps them reward the right people and offer support and training to those who need it.

Kraft was also able to grow by 45% year over year and double their revenue without adding additional staff, all from knowing the metrics that matter, including customer experience scores, certifications, engagement scores with documentation, and service awards.

Kraft quickly learned how interconnected all of these aspects are in their processes. Only by aligning everyone to the mission with documentation and metrics could they keep growing. Once they realized this, they started to see how important it is to bring in people who buy into the culture they’ve created, people who are going to fit with that culture and understand it. Documentation is a major part of creating that better culture throughout the business.

With the perfect mix of tracking the right metrics, like tickets completed, and keeping documentation updated consistently, people are more empowered in their roles. And empowered employees are the foundation of a successful business.


We’re now able to follow through on our strategy and deliver projects that are very profitable for our business, but also add loads of value to our customers.

Brian Gray President of Kraft Technology Group

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