About ACE IT Solutions

Named one of the Top 501 MSPs in the world by Channel Futures, ACE IT Solutions is a full-service IT support solutions company. ACE IT Solutions is known for providing the highest-caliber customer service, customized advice, reliable long-term solutions, cybersecurity, and 24×7 support services to small and mid-size companies

The Challenge

A few years ago, Warren turned to Crewhu looking for a way to collect customer feedback. He recognized that by focusing his team on specific metrics that would influence their behaviors, improve their processes, and build a strong culture ingrained into their MSP.

To be competitive, he also needed a way to gamify their Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promotor Score (NPS) metrics across the team to provide an excellent customer experience and prove their business value.

“We are in a highly competitive industry and our distinct value and what makes us stand out is service and how we support our clients. We made a decision when we started ACE IT Solutions to deliver a first class client experience,” said Warren Finkel,
the Managing Partner & Founder of ACE IT Solutions.

The Solution

Crewhu helped ACE IT Solutions create a positive company culture and meet business objectives by using Employee Recognition and Gamification contests to motivate the team to change behaviors and make hitting metrics more engaging and fun.

Crewhu also helped ACE IT Solutions collect and act on customer feedback data through CSAT and NPS Surveys to improve organizational processes and improve the customer experience for revenue growth.

The Results

  • 99% CSAT
  • 24% Conversion Rate on Client Surveys (Industry Average is 3-5%) - That is Amazing!
  • Stale Tickets Down 50% - a Huge Accomplishment!
  • Ticket Backlog Trending Download
  • Strong Culture in Providing Excellent Customer Experience
  • Super-engaged Team

Weekly Ticket Resolution Contest

The team also set up a weekly ticket resolution contest with similar terms, and the number of tickets resolved each week was the KPI.

One thing Ace IT Solutions managers made sure to focus on when implementing the contest was the WHY. Beyond a fun team building activity, they drove home how the contest and the KPIs were important for the help desk team, but also for the company at large.

When employees understood the WHY and WHAT was at stake on a big-picture level, they were even more driven to be successful and committed. 7

It’s been invaluable to showappreciation to employees by aligning recognition with our company’s core values. Crewhu helped us reinforce these concepts over time. Plus,employees found it fun. They likegetting recognition from each other. It really motivates them.

Paul Forlini Director of Service and Culture Officer ACE IT Solutions

Crewhu’s integration partner program is outstanding. They are great people to work with. They’re very personable and always available to help customize these programs for our team.

"Our ultimate goal is to provide the very best in employee satisfaction, have them engage and deliver excellent care to our clients. Crewhu helps us do exactly that.

Warren Finkel Managing Partner & Founder ACE IT Solutions