The Importance of Employee Engagement

The Importance of Employee Engagement

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Jun 19, 2019

What You Need to Know About Employee Engagement


Just how important is engagement?

Employee engagement is what makes or breaks many companies. It’s what makes a company memorable to its customers, and it’s what drives productivity and innovation. Employee engagement isn’t something that automatically happens, it takes a concentrated effort, but once it’s achieved and maintained, it means great things for a business.

  • Engaged employees will always work harder for a business than unengaged employees
  • Engaged employees are invested in the companies they work for and stay around
  • Engaged employees enjoy the work and are more productive than their counterparts
  • Engaged employees help engage customers which increases customer loyalty and leads to growth

Engaged employees help your business grow

This is true even when the economy isn’t great. How? When employees are engaged, they’re emotionally invested in a business. They want to see it succeed, and they put forth their best with every customer dealing. Your employees are engaged, which means they’re engaging your customers. This gives your business value to your customers, and you’re seen as an asset they’re not willing to part with. When employees are fulfilled by the work they do and are treated properly by a company, they will always do more to make customers happy because they care about the business they’re working for.

Forget constantly hiring and training

If an employee is engaged and happy with their work, why would they leave? When employees are engaged, they stay, and that means you have quality, experienced employees that do great work for the company they love. As turnover vanishes, you won’t have to focus on finding and hiring quality staff. When the time comes for expansion, and you’re in the market for more employees, how well engaged your current employees are and how happy they are will bring in more qualified candidates and make it easier for you to find one who is perfectly suited to your needs.

Employees are more productive

When employees focus less on what they dislike about a company, they have less stress and are more productive. Not only can they get more done, but they can also do it at the fullest of their capabilities. They’re often more innovative, and their fresh ideas work for the good of the business.

Why is engagement important?

It seems like a business that truly values their customers would start by making sure their employees are engaged because that means they’re invested in the company and choose to be there. They genuinely like what they do and enjoy the culture they work in. We’ve all had experiences with unhappy employees. They don’t genuinely care if we’re helped or if we love the service we’re getting. The reason for this is because they don’t care about the company they work for. They are irritable with the work conditions and don’t feel valued, so they take it out on customers.

Research conducted between a company with engaged employees and companies with unengaged employees yielded staggering results.

  • Companies with engaged employees had 10 percent more loyal customers
  • They were 21 percent more profitable than companies with unengaged employees
  • Productivity was 20 percent higher
  • Their turnover rate dropped an incredible 40 percent over other companies

Employee engagement is the sole ownership of managers. No one can engage your employees but you. Employee engagement is something you must be totally invested in and work toward every day. You can’t drop the ball on it and expect a monthly birthday cake to make up for it. You must plan for it, and you have to strive for it.

At CrewHu, we’re invested in employee engagement, and we work with companies to help improve their company culture. We have a host of features all aimed at making work easier, more fun, and engaging. See how we can help in your engagement efforts and stamp out the competition.


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