5 Ways to Thank, Recognize and Reward Employees this Holiday Season

5 Ways to Thank, Recognize and Reward Employees this Holiday Season

Posted by Stephen on Dec 16, 2014


This is not only the time of the year to let your team know how much you appreciate their efforts, but also a great time to reflect on what has worked and what has not.   Plan on new and creative ways to thank, recognize and reward your employees moving forward to create a happy and prosperous 2015 for all.

5 Ways to Thank Recognize and Reward your team:


  1. Say Thank You-  Saying thank you for a job well done is such a simple and powerful thing that it makes me wonder why it doesnt happen more often. The manager normally looks at the employee performance numbers and if they aren't at goal they have a "how to improve employee performance" meeting.  However, all those other important things that get done everyday are never acknowledged.  Don't only just say thank you as part of your year end ritual but make it part of your daily routine for 2015.

  2. Have a party-  if you have a limited budget and you could only pick one employee engagement activity this year, pick the holiday party.  It shows that you care and it gives you a chance to publicly recognize your best employees.  Use this time to talk about employee and team accomplishments to boost morale and to improve employee performance. 

  3. Have an Award Ceremony- I do this at the holiday party.  It is the only time I have the full team in one room and it gives me a chance to acknowledge my highest performers in front of everyone.  I also have peer recognition awards for customer service and leadership which gets everbody involved and engaged in the process.  

  4. Do a gift excahange- The gift exchange is a great team building activity that will help you learn a little more about your team members.  But most importantly, its a lot of fun :)

  5. Plan and Launch a recognition program for 2015- 90% of leaders believe in recogniton but only 25% have a strategy.  Recognition programs used to require a lot more work to administer.  However employee recognition software like CrewHu has changed all that.  Now employee recognition programs are both a lot easier to implement and manage, but also less costly.


I hope you have found the above employee engagement ideas helpful and interesting.  Let us know what you think in the comment section below and give us your ideas so we can help each other impove employee engagement and motivation.

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