What Is Prize Automation and Why Is It Critical for Your Incentive Programs?

What Is Prize Automation and Why Is It Critical for Your Incentive Programs?

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Aug 17, 2022


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We can all agree that gamification in the workplace is crucial to keep employees engaged, increase productivity, and make work more fun.

However, it’s one thing to implement an incentive program, and another to execute it. Most companies fail at execution, which can have more adverse effects than not implementing the program in the first place. When the rewards take too long to come to fruition, the employer could lose the credibility and trust of the employees.

Companies can solve this by automating gamification and the rewarding process. It’s not only reliable, but also adds transparency to the incentive initiative. Moreover, it contributes to the success of the entire reward system and employee satisfaction.

Here’s everything you need to know about prize automation and why it’s crucial for the success of your incentive programs.

What is prize automation?

Prize automation automates awarding prizes and incentives to deserving employees to recognize them. It is the secret sauce of a successful employee recognition program.

Automating the prize procurement process enables employees to get rewards faster. You also attain faster results from your employee recognition initiatives. Moreover, you’ll eliminate administration overload as automation makes the program a seamless experience that doesn’t weigh you down with administrative tasks.

Instead of spending your time on reward distribution, leave it to an automated process and use the time to celebrate with your employees. The timely delivery of the rewards also fosters trust and transparency among your workers.

Transparency is especially crucial in this era of remote and hybrid working. Your remote workers will trust that no matter their location, they can still receive their incentives on time, even when you don't meet physically.

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5 reasons prize automation is critical for your incentive programs

1. It builds trust among employees

Prize automation is crucial in building trust in the workplace. When workers trust you, they enjoy a company culture of honesty and mutual respect. 

You have a lot on your plate but building and maintaining employee trust should be among your priorities. Trust improves employee engagement, encourages employees to finish tasks, and improves work quality. 

Prize automation builds trust by ensuring rewards are delivered promptly to deserving workers. Otherwise, they might feel short-changed and lied to when you promise to reward a job well done and fail or take ages to fulfill.

Employees in high-trust companies exhibit 76% more engagement, 74% less stress, 50% more productivity, and 40% less burnout. When you automate your reward system, you build credibility and create a happier working environment. 

2. It makes prize procurement fast and reliable

Prize procurement and distribution can take time you’d otherwise have used to perform other tasks. Not to mention, it’s a recurring process you’ll need to take care of every time you reward an employee.

It becomes more complicated when you have employees and teams working on different projects. The entire process can be time-consuming and unreliable, from picking the right prize to procurement and delivery.

Automating this process can save you time (and disappointments) as it’s fast and reliable. When you partner with a trusted gamification services provider, you can rest assured of a quick reward system that saves time and increases the engagement of your teams.

3. It fosters employee engagement and a sense of belonging

Nothing feels better to an employee than being rewarded for an accomplishment. Many employees have low morale as they feel unrecognized and unappreciated. As a result, they experience high burnout and reduced engagement and productivity.

Gamification makes work more fun and engaging. Workers can incorporate games into their tedious routines and interact with each other. And when you reward them, it boosts their sense of belonging. 

With a reliable prize automation program, you motivate employees to reach their goals and hit their targets. Rewarding team achievements solidifies cohesion and unity among team members, making them feel a part of something great and worthy of recognition.

4. It lowers employee turnover

Recruiting employees is an expensive and tedious process. It can take a lot of your valuable time, from going through thousands of applications to conducting interviews and training and assimilating new employees into your company’s culture.

Lowering your employee turnover ensures valuable employees stay with you as they grow their careers. And when you need to hire, you’ll attract the best talent available.

A timely and reliable reward system can help you retain workers. They will not only love the engaging work environment where they can interact with their peers through games, but they’ll also love to be part of a culture where their efforts are appreciated and recognized.

5. It boosts employee satisfaction

Recognizing excellent work is one of the proven ways employers can improve job satisfaction for their workers. As an employer, you’ll benefit from happier employees who love their job and work environment.

In a study, workers who received immediate frequent rewards for excellent work exhibited more interest in their work compared to those whose rewards were delayed. Moreover, they remained interested and engaged after the rewards, suggesting a positive effect between timely rewarding and job satisfaction.

An employee recognition program is essential, but it’s crucial that the rewards are promptly delivered. Automating the procurement and delivery process solves the delay problem, enabling you to keep your workers motivated and satisfied.

Crewhu's prize automation software can improve your incentive program

Happier employees are more productive and motivated at the workplace. Gamifying your tasks and rewarding your teams make for engaged and productive workers.

However, delayed rewards undermine these positive effects, reducing the impact of your efforts. A prize automation tool solves these problems by making prize procurement easier. It’s also easier for your employees to redeem and use the rewards.

Crewhu’s prize automation solution makes it seamless for you to procure rewards, see faster results from your rewards program, and enjoy the benefits sooner. No more worrying about the prizes and how to obtain them, as everything is automated to make the process easy for you.

Book a demo today and let us show you how you can save time, reward faster, and increase engagement.

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