5 Reasons Why Employees Quit

5 Reasons Why Employees Quit

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Apr 5, 2023


Understanding why people quit their jobs is key to avoiding the extra time and expense that comes with recruiting, hiring, and training new employees

69.1.2 C CrewhuDid you know that in 2022, about 46.6 million Americans left their jobs? These days, if your employees think that your competition is offering better pay or more favorable working conditions, they’re more likely to walk out than they ever have been before. People are looking for job satisfaction, and it’s up to you as an employer to provide it. 

If you want to avoid the stress of replacing employees, you need to understand why people quit so that you can put measures in place to improve retention. In this article, we’ll dive into the top reasons why employees leave, as well as some ways you can ensure that your best workers stay.

Why Employees Quit

If you want to hang on to your employees and avoid the headaches of hiring and training new staff, you need to understand why people quit their jobs. Here’s a look at some of the most common:

1. Burnout

In research conducted by Gallup, 76% of respondents reported experiencing workplace burnout. Another study by Limeade showed that 40% of employees cited burnout as a reason why they had left a job. 

Burnout doesn’t just happen out of the blue. It builds up gradually. Never-ending stress can cause employees to lose interest in their work. and even worse, it can affect their physical and mental health. For some employees, the only way to make it stop is to pack up their stuff and leave.

2. Low Salary

Let’s be honest, people work to make money, and as the cost of living rises, everyone wants to make more. In a survey by Statista in February 2022, low pay was the number one reason why people left their jobs in 2021. And it’s not always just about making enough to pay the bills. Employees may feel undervalued if their salaries don’t match their effort or ability, making them more likely to look for a job where their contributions will be better appreciated.

3. Lack of Development Opportunities

In a survey conducted by Guild, 74% of respondents said they were very likely or somewhat likely to leave their current jobs if offered additional education and career opportunities by another company. Development opportunities such as training and mentoring can help employees grow and improve their skills. They also show employees that you’re interested in their future. If your company doesn’t offer opportunities for career advancement, your best employees are likely to go looking for them elsewhere as they outgrow their current jobs. 

4. No Flexibility

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies are warming up to the idea of flexible schedules and hybrid working arrangements where employees can spend more time out of the office. And, not surprisingly, employees are becoming more likely to quit in a company that doesn't make remote work an option. In fact, in research conducted by Owl Labs, 62% of respondents said that they opted for working in a hybrid system. 

5. Issues with Management

The relationship between management and employees is as important as the work itself. In a study by Gallup titled “The State of the American Manager,” 50% of employees said that they have left a job at some point in their careers simply to get away from a bad manager. Employees with negative experiences with their managers want to move on to a company where they are respected and treated well, which is completely understandable.

It’s probably not surprising that people who quit their jobs do so because they’re looking for things like more money, opportunities for advancement, and a better working environment. People want to feel like their work is appreciated and that they have a future in the company. So how do you create the kind of corporate environment that makes people want to stay? 

How to Prevent Employees from Quitting

Now that we've seen some reasons employees leave their jobs, let's look at some ways to improve employee retention:

1. Create Employee Recognition Programs

One way to prevent your employees from quitting is to show them how much you value their contributions to your business. But how can you do that? By creating employee recognition programs. Let’s face it. Everyone wants to receive praise for their hard work. It creates a feeling of accomplishment and pride. 

You don't have to break the bank to reward your employees, either. Implementing Crewhu offers the opportunity to highlight achievements on the company website or newsletter. Crewhu also provides a way to offer a bonus-like structure and reward system that allows the staff to cash in on their successes with rewards such as shopping vouchers or concert tickets. 

2. Pay Employees What They Deserve

Everyone likes to save a few bucks on overhead, but underpaying employees creates issues that will cost much more to solve in the long run. Low salaries affect productivity because there’s no motivation to work hard. And low productivity means lower revenue.

You also have a higher chance of retaining good employees if you pay them what they’re worth. Employees will quit if they feel their salary doesn’t match their work. 

3. Invest in Development and Advancement Opportunities

Development opportunities like training programs, workshops, and mentoring will give your employees the knowledge they need to improve their skills and grow. They also show employees that you care about their future in the company and that you want to help them succeed. 

Overall, we've looked at why employees leave their jobs and what you can do to prevent that from happening. If you create a healthy and happy work environment for your employees, they will want to stick with you. Hence, you’ll have fewer cases of employees submitting resignation letters. 

Let Crewhu help

If you’re looking for creative ways to boost employee retention, give Crewhu a call. With our expertise in setting up recognition and rewards programs, we can help you create the kind of work environment that makes employees want to stay. We specialize in providing tools to help you connect and build better relationships with your employees. If you’re interested in knowing more, book a demo today.

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