How Proactive Customer Service Programs Improve Business

How Proactive Customer Service Programs Improve Business

Posted by Jon Belgrad, CrewHu Content Strategist on Sep 28, 2015
Thinking about using an employee engagement program to improve customer service quality for your business? Wondering how improving your customer service can improve your business’s operations efficiency? Learn the different ways in which a proactive customer service & help desk support team can improve your business.
Helping your team maintain a proactive attitude when it comes to customer service and help desk support for your clients will help your business significantly. Doing so will get your clients the solutions they need more quickly, keep your employees engaged in their work, and improve your customer retention rates, all while making your business the best place to work by utilizing exciting employee incentive ideas.
Proactive customer service & help desk support can improve your business by increasing employee utilization through SMART Goals, maximize customer engagement through recognition awards tactics, and builds a culture of transparancy for your help desk team with customer support surveys.
"The customer experience is the next competitive battleground" - Jerry Gregoire

Improve Employee Utilization

Strengthening your customer service program will help your business by getting solutions for your clients more quickly. Maintaining a proactive approach to customer service will keep your employees engaged and your clients satisfied with the services you are providing.
"Customers don't expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong." - Donald Porter
This also means more time for your employees to be working on additional support tickets. Customer Service Tips: Try using employee recognition software to setup a 'Zero Overdue Tickets' SMART Goal and see which employees perform the best without submitting any late tickets. By helping your employees stay engaged in their work and excited about finding customer solutions, you can optimize their utilization and improve your business operations.

Increase Employee Engagement 

A stronger customer service program will also help your business by increasing your support team's engagement in their work. As you ingrain the values of customer support into your company culture, and the daily responsibilities of your employees, your team's attitude will change for the better. As your team spends more time and energy on client solutions, their work engagement will increase.
Using management tools like peer recognition awards and SMART Goals (SMART Goals Templates & SMART Goals Examples) increase employee engagement in the office and can be used to help guide your team in professional development.

Strengthen Company Culture

Using customer service management tools like a customer satisfaction survey gives you valuable insights which can help improve your business. A customer satisfaction survey may show you areas in which your employees offer great support while also showing areas they may need improvement. This makes it easy for you, as a manager, to know what topics to focus on improving while preparing for employee performance reviews for your team.
As you find the areas your team is lacking in, you can focus on improving in these areas. As you prioritize the values which mean the most to your business, you choose which values to emphasize to your employees. This is one way that your company spreads its company culture via its employees, through management, to the employees. By giving your employees a great experience with your business, whether it's their first sales call or a recurring help desk call, they'll be more inclined to continue coming back to you for great service


Strengthening your customer service program helps your business in many ways. Not only will it give current and potential clients a good reason to choose your business, but it will improve internal operations as well. By reaching full employee utilization and increasing employee engagement, a proactive customer service program can help your business improve significantly.
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