How to Create Measurable Goals for Employee Engagement

How to Create Measurable Goals for Employee Engagement

Posted by Richard Dimarco Barea on Jan 20, 2015


"If a goal is not measurable it is not possible to know whether a team is making progress toward successful completion."

Most managers fail in hitting their objectives because they do not set comprehensive employee engagement elements into their 'measurable' goals.  Managers must do the following things when creating  measurable goals:

  • select carefully
  • communicate well
  • track in real time
  • display publicly
  • reinforce continuously
  • rewarded upon achievement

Johnny HR of Widgets International,  knew he had laid the foundation for measurable goals when he started defining numbers in the 'Specific' section of his Smart Goal template but he needed to take it to the next step! He knew if he wanted his team to stay on track, reach their goals and feel engaged through achievement he would have to execute the 3 core components of 'measurable' goals.

  1. Define How Much / How Many
  2. Create Quantifiable Indicators
  3. Create a Real-Time Progress Tracking & Engagement Solution

Define How Many / How Much

So Johnny took a look back at his SMART Goal template and read his 'specific' goal out loud again:

"To improve customer service satisfaction ratings given by product reps in Florida by 5% by creating an employee engagement program."

He started thinking critically of his 'employee education program' and knew he needed to develop coursework for his Sales reps in Florida. After having a round table brain storming with the Heads of the Sales and Customer Service department they decided to collaboratively create 3 educational Powerpoints: 
  1.  A Guide to Our Widgets Products
  2. 10 Things Customers Need to Know about Our Widgets
  3. 5 Amazing Ways to Wow Your Customers

So he answered his first question very easily with cross-departmental involvement and thinking of the employees going through the training program.

How Many / How Much?

Create 3 Education Powerpoints for Sales Reps in Florida with the head of Sales and Customer Service.


Create Quantifiable Indicators

Johnny HR was no slouch and knew that sometimes his team was going to get caught up with day to day activities. He needed a way to track and motivate his team to read the educational power points. He could put it on the company project management intranet for easy access. He also wanted to incentvize his team and decided to create a contest to reward those that read all 3 power points and submitted their answers to a simple 5 question survey he created for each power point through survey monkey. So he decided that the way he would quantify his employee's measurable progress was through  CrewHuan employee recognition software platform. Using CrewHu he could import the survey results that would automatically update and rank his employees on a leader board.

What are the Indicators of Progress:

# of Surveys completed by Employee & Ranking in CrewHu


Create a Real Time Reporting & Engagement Solution

Johnny HR was excited that he would be able to track his employees progress of the educational power points but wanted to really structure a futuristic solution that even Doc Brown from 'Back to the Future' would find impressive! He knew that in the course of the engagement program he was going to have to motivate his employees by using the 4 P's and recognize his employees promptly and publicly to ensure they complete their goals. He thought he could send out weekly e-mails to his team with positive and inspirational commentary but suddenly realized he could post personal and real-time messages to his team using the built in Social Cafe Newsfeed section in the CrewHu employee recognition software platform. He would do three things:

  • Give out customizable Achievement Badges to those that finished the surveys
  • Send reinforcement social messages to those that had not finished yet
  • Message those employees who had not started to see where the disconnect was




Johnny HR was pumped! He knew he would definitely hit his specific goal because he defined his 'measurable' goal by defining how much/ how many, using quantifiable indicators and creating a real time reporting and employee engagement solution for his program. He looked down at his sheet and read the 'measurable' components of his SMART Goal out loud:

"Create, display and reinforce employee education through an employee engagement program by developing 3 Powerpoints and tracking achievement through a CrewHu contest that quantitatively ranks & rewards those who filled out the 3 Surveys!"

Johnny HR knew he was half way to developing an employee engagement program that would most certainly give him that promotion he was shooting for and hurried onto the next section of his SMART Goal template to begin the next section and ensure his 'specific, measurable' goal would also be "achievable". Find out how Johnny made his goal more 'Achievable' in next week's article entitled 'How to Create Achievable Goals for Employee Engagement.'



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