'Independence Day' Recognition Awards to Empower Your Employees

'Independence Day' Recognition Awards to Empower Your Employees

Posted by Stephen on Jul 6, 2015
Are your employees disengaged? Are they unproductive? Are you unsure how to get them back on track to providing the standard of service you know they can deliver? You need your employees to reach full utilization, work more efficiently, and improve your margins...but how?
Have you gotten poor results from your employee engagement activities? Try using our 'Will Smith - Independence Day Recognition Awards' (aka CrewHu badges) for some fresh employee incentive ideas to empower your employees to stay engaged, motivated, and constantly improve their skills so they can achieve high utilization and productivity. Doing so will let them know you appreciate the work they do and give them a better feeling about all the work they do. Try these three recognition awards with your employees to increase sales, service and support across your entire business!

Initiative Recognition Award


When your employees take the initiative and complete tasks that were not assigned to them, but were necessary to move a project forward, this is worthy of an award. Captain Steven Hiller, from Independence Day, is a great representation of this type of attitude which should be recognized, putting the community needs before his own while going to fight the aliens.

Inspirational Recognition Award

Try this award for employees who provide inspiration to those around them to reach their SMART Goals. Good attitudes are contagious in a business, and to have an employee who inspire others to work harder, is great for morale.
This is definitely deserving of a President Whitmore inspiration award. In Independence Day, the President made it his responsibility to find a solution to America's, and the entire Earth's, problem. He did so by inspiring those around him to do the best possible work they could while working towards a solution.

Innovative Recognition Award


Do you have that employee who always has wacky answers to simple questions? Well, maybe some of their answers really are wacky, but if they think outside of the box and make improvements on existing processes within your business, that innovative solution-mindedness is meritorious of an award. Keep in mind, the goal is to improve the efficiency and quality of your business...if it took some wacky ideas to get there, well so be it. 

In Independence Day, David Levinson figures out the aliens are sending messages to each other and they have a timer counting down until they attack. Through some wacky tactics, he manages to get into the President's office and help save Planet Earth. Although his strategy was quirky, without him, America would have been doomed.


CrewHu's employee recognition software makes it simple to create custom recognition awards for all different types of reasons, be it an initiative award, an inspirational award, an innovative thinking award, or any other ideas you may have. Be sure to keep track of all the awards you give out (also made easy with CrewHu) so when it's time for performance reviews (performance review examples) you already know what to commend your employees for. Having the perfect award for all times is a fantastic tool to increase productivity, engagement, and maximize employee utilization in your office to improve your revenue margins!
Top 10 Employee Recognition Awards [Free Download]
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