Motivate Employees to Be Like Ali, Use the BEST Recognition Awards

Motivate Employees to Be Like Ali, Use the BEST Recognition Awards

Posted by Stephen on Jul 27, 2015
Looking for new ways to recognize your employees' good work? Want to motivate your team in order to show your prospects and clients that your business is the BEST? Looking for new employee engagement activities to strengthen your employee incentive programs? Try these Muhammad Ali inspired recognition awards to let your employees know that they are the BEST.
When your team knows they are better than the competition, they will feel motivated to optimize your business operations, helping you reach full employee utilization. Additionally, when your employees feel this way, your prospects and clients will start to feel that your business is the BEST for them as well, through different experiences engaging with your employees (i.e. sales team, help desk support, etc.)
These employee incentive ideas, made easy with CrewHu's employee recognition software should help your team reach optimized utilization levels by the time your next performance reviews (performance review examples) come around.

Improvement Recognition Awards

Ali trained hard constantly in order to improve his skills
Which employee works extra hours to continue to grow and evolve their skills? Who is always trying to learn something new so they can be the best, to help your business reach the top? Take time to recognize this employee (According to the 4 Ps of employee engagement). As your employee continues to evolve his/her skills, prospects and clients will begin experiencing the value of this improvement, giving prospects/clients an even better feeling about your business.
It takes hard work to master a skill (whether it's sales, help desk support, human resources, etc.) and if your employee is putting in the work to improve their skills, recognize this extra effort with an Improvement Award to promote continued hard work and improvement around your entire office.

The BEST Recognition Awards

Ali put on a show in the ring to show everyone that he was, without a doubt, The BEST
Who emulates the best qualities of your business and gives prospects (sales) and clients (help desk) the best overall experience? You’re business is the BEST at what you do, which employees are showing that? 
You may not always be directly communicating with your prospects and clients, so you want to be sure that your employees are giving the BEST impression to them on behalf of your organization.
Promoting this behavior in your office will give a good impression of your business to prospects/clients, so when you are negotiating contract agreements, up selling them on additional products/services, is even easier!

SMART Recognition Awards

"Control leads to compliance; autonomy leads to engagement" - Daniel H. Pink
Who has big dreams to reach new goals? Which employees actually do something about their dreams/goals to show that your business is the best? Are your employees taking the initiative and creating SMART Goals for themselves?
SMART Goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely (SMART Goals examples and SMART Goals template). Use the SMART Award for someone in your office who has taken the initial steps to improving their quality of work by setting up SMART Goals for themselves (and has started working towards their goal!)


Reaching optimized employee/office utilization for your business, requires action, and using these recognition awards is a start in the right direction. By setting up SMART Goals for your employees and recognizing their achievements as they work towards their goals, you will achieve to things: highly motivated/happier employees, and highly satisfied customers, both of which are great for your business and another reason why your business is the BEST.


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