'Pursuit of Employee Engagement and Utilization' Recognition Awards

'Pursuit of Employee Engagement and Utilization' Recognition Awards

Posted by Stephen on Jul 20, 2015
Are your employees disengaged and wasting time which could be better utilized as billable hours for your customers? Is your office operating at a level of employee utilization which is hurting your ability to solve as many customer problems as possible and ultimately hurting your bottom line? Looking for new, engaging employee incentive ideas?
Approach employee engagement and utilization strategies proactively to prevent employee turnover before it happens, and to optimize employee utilization in your office. Employee recognition software makes it simple to try different employee engagement activities. Try these ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ Recognition Awards to improve employee engagement in their work, increasing efficiency and utilization in your office, all while improving your bottom line.
"We suggest that the term "manager" be replaced with the word "coach," which more accurately describes the role." - Verne Harnish, The Growth Guy

Go-Getter Recognition Award


Do you have a 'Go-Getter' employee who you can always rely on to do what's needed to complete a job? Does this employee take on additional responsibilities outside of those required in order to get the job done? If you notice an employee who always does what it takes to get the job done, even if the project specifications are outside of your employees specialty or responsibilities, you can reward them a Go-Getter Award. Giving this award will let your employee know that you value and appreciate their work. When employees feel appreciation from their supervisors, they are more likely to stay with your business longer. As the saying goes Employees Don't Quit Jobs, They Quit Managers.
In the Pursuit of Happyness, Will Smith's character, Chris Gardner, is the perfect example of a Go-Getter. Chris is chosen to participate in a highly competitive, nonpaying internship in which only one of 20 participants is offered a job as a stockbroker upon completing the internship. While participating in the internship, Chris is homeless, loses all his money, all while raising a child as a single parent, and trying to sell out the rest of his 'Bone Density scanner' inventory (in which he was heavily invested), needless to say, Chris is broke.
Multiple times during his internship (even before, while he was still interviewing) Chris is asked for a couple dollars from his supervisors. While $5 is nothing to them, it was everything to Chris. And he gave up that money, to help his boss get to a meeting on time. Chris made a personal sacrifice for the greater good of the company. While his supervisors did not realize the serious impact that $5 had on Chris's life, they did appreciate his help and by showing their appreciation, Chris is even more motivated to work hard for the overall success of the business.

Team-Player Recognition Award

Do you see employees in your office who put the team before themselves? Are they always willing to give a helping hand, even if they are overwhelmed with their own responsibilities? Keep an eye out for your team-players, because they help keep morale up in your office, and are more concerned with the overall success of your business. Try using a Team-Player Award for this employee to encourage great behavior around your office. The more your office works together as a team, the more success your business will face.
Chris's son, Christopher, inspires Chris to keep working hard and figure out solutions to all his troubles. Christopher went through all the hardships with his father and together they fought to overcome their troubles. Even in the toughest of times, Chris kept Christopher's spirits up with a candy bar. Simple gestures of appreciation can go a long way with your employees and keep them motivated to continue to be a team player.
This is a great award to discuss during your employee performance reviews (performance review examples) to help keep an employee motivated. Recognizing and appreciating your employees' hard work will pay off in the form of better sales, service, and support for your business. Try this blog with an employee performance review template to strengthen your reviews.

I've Got Your Back Recognition Award

Do your employees have each other's backs? Are you employees willing to put themselves 'out there' for their colleagues? Another way to encourage teamwork, and trust, in your business, is to give the 'I've Got Your Back' Award. When your employees are willing to take a risk for other team members, it means there is a certain level of trust, within your organization, that employees have for one another.
Trust is an important value to any business relationship. As trust grows within your teams, your trust for your team, and their work, as a whole will grow. This trust will help you avoid micromanaging minor issues which can be solved by your team, thus helping you become a better manager. Encouraging trust and reliability in your office will allow you to focus on bigger picture problems, while enabling your teams to focus on their responsibilities with little oversight.
Jay Twistle (a high up executive, and the man who offers Chris the internship) puts himself out there with his business partners to offer Chris the internship. There were plenty of other candidates with better formal educations and experience. Jay had Chris's back, and ultimately Chris did extremely well during his time as an intern: signing tons of clients and acing his exam. He did so well, that Jay and his partners were happy to offer Chris full time employment at the completion of his internship. Jay enabled Chris to succeed, and Chris took that opportunity and made something beneficial for the business's bottom line out of his opportunity.


Try different Pursuit of Improving Employee Engagement & Utilization Recognition Awards around your office to boost employee engagement and improve your business's sales, service, and support. Encourage Go-Getters, trust, and teamwork in your office with these awards as they are the stepping stones to reaching optimized utilization for your entire business. It's possible to keep your employees fully engaged in their work and improve your bottom line. As Chris says:
“Don’t ever let somebody tell you 'you can’t do something'…If you want something, go get it. Period."
Top 10 Employee Recognition Awards [Free Download]  
These awards can be used to strengthen your employee incentive programs. If you're looking for other ways to do so, try these SMART Goals Examples with a SMART Goals template included!

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