CrewHu and ConnectWise: Integration Makes Performance Management Easy

CrewHu and ConnectWise: Integration Makes Performance Management Easy

Posted by Stephen on Jun 8, 2015


Tired of spending so much time manually entering all your data into your employee recognition software to measure your employees SMART Goals? Now that CrewHu and ConnectWise are integrated, there’s no more reason for you to complain; and there is much more time for you to spend doing what you love. If you need, now is the time to take a five minute celebration break because performance management just got much easier! (or you can wait until you finish reading this post, if you insist) All your business management solutions are now easily integrated, so we can make your life as a manager much easier.


Innovative and integrated business-management technology solutions make it easy to keep all your departments working together rather than creating complicated, inefficient, disconnected processes. Our integration makes it easier than ever before to create/manage SMART Goals campaigns and spread recognition awards to all deserving employees. Our goal is to make it easier for you to improve your team's support quality and customer satisfaction rates, so you see a positive impact on your bottom line.

Employee Recognition Software KPI Integration 

Through our integration, you are now able to transfer your KPIs (ex: # of tickets closed, average time to close a ticket, etc) seamlessly to CrewHu’s employee engagement software. This makes it easier for you to award winners when they reach their SMART Goals. And no need to worry, the numbers refresh every day so your data will be fresh when awarding your employees for their great work. Within our integration, there are 3 styles of KPIs for you to track: existing KPIs, existing KPIs with edits, and completely new KPIs created by you.

Use Existing KPIs


Using an existing KPI is the most simple way to get your data into CrewHu immediately (don't worry -- the other two options aren't difficult). These KPIs are already set up and ready to go within CrewHu's software. One of our most common SMART Goals examples used is the number of tickets completed by an employee. Here is an example of setting up a new SMART Goal with an integrated KPI:
Set up a new SMART Goal within your CrewHu software. Once you integrate your CrewHu dashboard with ConnectWise, all you have to do is select the preset KPI you want to measure (Tickets Completed by Employee) and from that point on you don't have to worry about inputting the data anymore! All the necessary information is updated to your dashboard daily meaning NO MORE WASTED TIME MANUALLY INPUTTING YOUR DATA. Now you can find the employee who closed the highest number of tickets within your allotted SMART Goal period and award them seamlessly. 

Add Rules to Existing KPIs


It's also very easy to add unique rules to existing KPIs. If you see an existing integrated KPI you would like but you decide there are minor changes you'd like to make, not a problem, we can work that for you. Here's an example:
Let's say you want to measure the number of tickets completed by an employee but instead of measuring the total number of tickets, you want to measure the total number of tickets that did not get reopened at any point in the future. All you need to do is inform us of the additional rule you'd like to add to your SMART Goals measurement and well add the change for you. Then VOILA: You've got yourself a new KPI to measure your SMART Goals with via CrewHu (without spending any more time punching in all the data manually -- YAY!)

Create Unique KPIs

Now you're thinking to yourself: This seems awesome - no more wasting time punching in all the numbers (WOOHOO!). But what if I want to measure and award for something that doesn't exist as one of CrewHu's performance review examples - do I need to punch in all this data manually? NO, that's one of the best parts (no more manually inputting your data):


Now let's say you want to measure the utilization of your employees and whether or not their time is being used efficiently. If this number is not automatically integrated to CrewHu, NOT TO WORRY. Here are the one-time steps you need to take in order to create your own UNIQUE KPI to use in CrewHu: Create a new report within ConnectWise to get the data you need for your new KPI (Let's say you want to measure utilization - within ConnectWise you should be measuring your employee's time spent fixing clients' issues - billable hours - and then measure their time spent elsewhere - the remaining hours they work that don't count towards clients' billable hours). Once you set this up, notify us here at CrewHu of the new KPI you've setup (with a little bit of additional information), and your part is done. We will setup the necessary information through our integration services, and once you set up your new Utilization SMART Goal, your KPI will update daily, so your whole team can see their progress live everyday.


We have integrated our employee recognition software services with ConnectWise's business-management technology solutions to optimize your employee incentive programs and make your life as a manager much easier. By creating smooth, efficient, connected processes, we are working to help you focus more of your time on providing the best technology solutions to all your clients. Use our FREE SMART Goals template to improve sales, service, and support for your technology solutions business. Spend more time doing what you love, let the technology do the heavy lifting for you. As you improve these KPIs and reach your SMART Goals you will see improved support quality and an increase in customer satisfaction.
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