Performance Management: How to Get Golden Results!

Performance Management: How to Get Golden Results!

Posted by Stephen on Jun 15, 2015
It’s likely that your business has moved (or is in a transition period) from the break/fix model to a managed service provider ('As-A-Service' as our friends at ConnectWise call it) business model. Another point of business optimization comes in the form of being the best business to work for your employees, optimizing your workplace.  We would like to help you optimize your employees’ quality of work and hours spent on the job using employee recognition software to increase employee engagement and happiness while on the job. Performance management is hard, so we are sharing our special tips and tools for you to start achieving total business optimization from the inside-out.
Fostering education and growth, maintaining high rates of employee retention, and involving your team in decisions which involve them is integral to optimizing employee engagement and thus, strengthening your business model to improve your bottom line. Start increasing engagement with tools like employee incentive programs, spreading recognition awards, and by using performance review examples like the ones found on our site. Once you're done with that, use these tips and tools to reach your business goals both internally and externally:

Involve Employees in Decision Making


Make employees part of your decision making process. Industry expert Gary Pica says “establish a culture of process that involves your entire team; let them be part of deciding best practices and delivering on them.” By letting your employees feel involved in the creation and optimization of your processes, they will feel more inclined to stick to those processes and deliver as best they can.
Your sales and service employees are on your front line and deal with customers regularly so they know your customers well. They know their own personal struggles as well as client struggles and problems. They know where they need improvement and where they have a good grasp on things.  Use this information to your advantage and understand the value in it. 
By giving your employees a voice in higher level decisions at work, they will feel more involved and appreciated, and this can go a long way. This will lead to: higher job satisfaction, a stronger commitment to your business's success, and more motivation to improve their job performance. According to a recent LearnCore survey: "Everyone wants to be better at doing their job."

Optimize Employee Utilization

Optimize your business's operations through full employee utilization. This means as close to 100% of your employees’ work can be counted as billable hours for your clients. Encourage employees to do what they love most. If they love solving technical problems, encourage that, and inspire their professional growth. 
Your technical solutions employees may not love dispatching, so don’t make them dispatch responsibilities. Let them focus on the solving technical solutions like they love to so you can fully optimize their time and skills.
Reaching full-utilization not only improves your business from a numbers point-of-view, but also from an employee engagement perspective. When your employees spend more time and energy doing what they love (i.e. solving technical problems) their engagement will increase because they don't have to spend time doing things they don't love (i.e. dispatching responsibilities). 
Want to take it to the next level? Encouraging education for professional growth is a great way to do that. By investing in your employees continuous growth and improvement, they will see that you care about them and their professional development. Setting up an education program for employees to continue learning will help them constantly grow and prosper within your organization allowing your business to offer great services to your clients!

Set Up Employees for Success

Don't leave your new employees wandering aimlessly, don't assume they automatically know all the answers. Set up your employees for success with SMART Goals and by “designing a system that allows the average employee to thrive” because “happy, engaged employees take care of customers, and the personal touches and relationships keep customers coming back," according to Bryon Stephens of Marco's Pizza.
This starts with structured processes from the moment they accept the job. MIT created great checklists for onboarding new employees from before they start through their first day, months, and entire first year with your business. Setting up a structured process to onboard new employees is one of the best ways to help them succeed all around the office: their schedule, job duties, work environment, technology needs, training/development, and even socializing.
When your employees are put in a position to succeed, it is much more likely for them to deliver what you expect of them, grow exponentially with their professional experiences, and improve their service quality.


Optimizing your workplace for all your employees is a must-do. Through office optimization, you will reach new levels of employee engagement because your team will be happy with you and your business. Following and employing these tips will help spread positive attitudes throughout your office making your life as a manager easier AND making your clients happier! Happier clients means more returning clients means improving your bottom line. Start improving engagement around your office today with our FREE SMART Goals examples and template.
 SMART Goals Template for MSP & IT Professionals [Free]

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