The Absolute Most Valuable Things Employees Want from You

The Absolute Most Valuable Things Employees Want from You

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Sep 27, 2017

It’s reinforcement that you should never hold fast to the tenet of “business as usual.”

How’s your budget? Have you funded it to the “money is no object” level so you can attract the top talent? Don’t be too upset if the answer is no. 

Ratcheting up the salary offer to snag company superstars isn’t the solution anymore—if it ever was. From executives with decades of experience under their belts to those just starting off, it’s no longer just the paycheck that makes the job. Here’s what you need to dish out in generous portions.

A clear sense of purpose

What’s the first thing a prospective employee sees about their job? It’s a job description. And what does that description entail? Often, it’s a laundry list of what they will do, and the skills they should have to accomplish this.


This often stops company leaders dead in their tracks. “Isn’t it obvious?” they say with much rolling of the eyes. It probably is crystal clear way up there in the rarefied air of the C-Suite, but not everybody gets that view.

Perhaps no one has done a better job of explaining the importance of this necessity than Simon Sinek. Soak up the concept from his uber-famous TED talk, or thumb through his bestselling book. The takeaway is summed up in this quote from Sinek: “When you explain to people what you're trying to do, as opposed to just making demands or delegating tasks, you can build instant trust.”

With this, you’re on the way to what really matters. You’re helping to establish a purpose. What your employees want from you more than anything else is help in seeing how their job will align with their personal values and vision. They need to see themselves—and your job—in their future.


No, a business is not a democracy. In most cases mission-critical decisions are not brought up for a companywide vote. Nevertheless, the people who work for you want to be heard. When you’re done reminding everybody about the company’s open-door policy, it’s time to set to ensuring that your employees have a chance to be heard. 

The way to ensure employees know they’re being heard—besides actually listening—is through acknowledgement. Remember, also that no one really wants to be treated equally.

It’s so important that we’re going to repeat it. No one really wants to be treated equally. What they really want from their employers is to be treated fairly. Equal treatment is actually a dreadful way to reward your employees. Hello, replaceable cog in the wheel. 

Listening and acknowledging that you’ve heard them is what employees want. How do you make them ecstatically happy? Show them that you view them as individuals. Prove that while you do have general policies, you know that one size does not fit all. This is not an invitation for preferential treatment—or maybe it is. If you approach treating your employees fairly as a preference.

Growth opportunity 

Uh, oh. There’s only another 100 characters before the job description form field is maxed out. Time to insert the obligatory ending statement about career growth opportunities. Just like anything else in today’s “been there, bought the T-shirt” world, employees are no longer impressed by the nebulous promise of career advancement. Because who does that ultimately benefit, anyway? It’s time to turn that focus outward.

It’s possible—and you have to find the balance—to help your employees self-actualize as they contribute to the growth and success of your organization. Neither you nor a job candidate would choose an employment relationship that goes nowhere.

Prove that you’re serious about growth opportunity by encouraging autonomy. The more freedom you give your employees, the more they will act and make decisions that are in the best interests for your company. Because it’s not just all about the company anymore. It’s motivation to be better. 

You’re not going to find any of these value-added items on the shelves at your local office supply store. They’re intangible, but absolutely crucial in today’s competitive scramble for top job talent. Stuff like that can’t be bought, anyway.

Crewhu 2.0 provides a platform for goal setting, acknowledgement, and reward that can improve employee engagement and show your team that you value more than just their skillset and ability to handle their daily task. See for yourself by scheduling a free demo today.  


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