Tips to Create an Amazing Company Culture

Tips to Create an Amazing Company Culture

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Aug 20, 2019

Tips to Create an Amazing Company Culture

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It’s more than the sum of your goals

Company culture is a buzzword that the business world has heard a lot in the last few years, and people can name a couple things that define it, but rarely do they capture the entirety of what company culture really is. For most people, company culture is the atmosphere of a company. When, in fact, company culture encompasses personality, goals, values, mission, ethics, and expectations. And there’s more than one kind of company culture. Some are based on customers, while others are based on employees.

No matter what the company culture is, employees enjoy having a clearly defined culture because they know what the goals are, and if their goals align well with the company, they feel a real sense of belonging. In this article we will talk about:

How the right team grows your culture

  • How leadership spearheads the culture
  • How to foster an open dialogue for new ideas
  • How to make work a positive experience that employees will look forward to
  • How rewarding employees leads to better work

Recruiting with culture in mind

When you know what your company culture is, then it’s easier to recruit employees with the same mindset that you have and that aligns with your company culture. These people will take the company culture from paper, and make it a reality. Hiring people that are already aligned, or that embody the company culture cuts out the work of training people and shifting their gears to align with the culture.

This doesn’t mean replacing all your old talent. Keep your employees happy and motivated and fill openings with people keyed to your culture. Doing this will help others reshape their views to fit that of your culture.

Create a team

No culture is going anywhere if you have employees working as individuals rather than a well-oiled machine. There are no individual parts. We’re all working together toward the same goals, so it benefits everyone to offer help and support where needed. Partnering with one another helps foster a sense of camaraderie. This extends beyond work as well. We have a harder time working when our personal lives are in shambles. This fosters a caring workplace, and it helps work get done and our employees feel happier.

Don’t say it. Be it

We can tell people that we want a certain kind of culture, but if we’re not actively working toward that culture and weaving it into how we work and live our lives, then that culture feels hollow and has a much harder time getting off the ground. A culture won’t go anywhere if the leadership isn’t living and breathing that culture. The leaders have to believe in their culture and lead by example; the employees will follow.

Be open to new ideas

If you work on a company culture where your employees feel welcome and empowered, listen to their ideas. You created and built the company, but you hired employees to make the company better, listen to them and trust what they say. If they have ideas about how to handle processes better, talk to them about it and consider what they say.

Make work fun

We all have fond memories of specific co-workers who made the entire workday better. What if everyone on our team was like that, from the leadership to the interns? What if our business itself was a place where we had fun? When you can talk openly with leaders and even joke with them, then you have a winning company culture and a business your employees will champion wherever they go.

Know what each job is

It doesn’t hurt to have employees who are good at offering help to other employees, but we want to have defined roles. There’s no sense of confusion as to what you’re going to do from day to day, and it allows employees to plan better for their future growth and to breathe into their roles.


Don’t forget the rewards! Rewarding is a great way to create positive change. If great work is being done, let that employee know they did a great job. The reward system helps create a parallel in their minds that this kind of work is what the company is about, it’s the kind of work the leaders want done, and that the employee nailed the task out of the park. Rewards don’t have to be huge or expensive, they can be something as simple as recognition.

If you want better and easier ways to track employee progress and instill a better reward system at your company, look no further than CrewHu. Our reward system helps to motivate employees to work harder and better so they can build more points in the system and choose a great reward that they will love taking advantage of. Learn how you can use our reward system to boost employee morale!



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