The Willy Wonka Guide to Closing Sales Deals

The Willy Wonka Guide to Closing Sales Deals

Posted by Stephen on Jun 24, 2015
Do you feel like your sales team isn't giving you the sales results you expected? Are your employees disengaged and uninterested in their work? Do you ever feel like you are in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory...but instead of productive Oompa Loompas singing, dancing, and making chocolate, there are a bunch of spoiled Veruca Salts and ill-tempered Mike Teavees running around causing a raucous?
An employee's ability to deliver starts with their attitude towards their work. Help encourage increased employee engagement in your office by sharpening your performance management tools and effectively spreading your goals to your entire team, ultimately helping improve sales for your team.

Use Recognition Awards to Motivate Employees 

Why do Oompa Loompas work so hard? 
Because they love cocoa beans ~ reward for working hard ~
A great way to increase engagement in the office is by rewarding employees fairly when they do good work. If you notice some of your top performers not delivering as you expected, use one of our SMART Goals examples to help motivate them to improve. This will help increase their engagement in their work, as they track their progress towards reaching their goals.
Not only this, but once they reach their goal, if you are using CrewHu's employee recognition software, you can give them recognition awards for their good work immediately. As they see their sales improve, they will continue working hard, knowing they will be compensated fairly.
If SMART Goals don't work, try following these performance review examples and tips to strengthen your relationship with your employees and to help them improve and get you the results you expect.
"39% of employees feel under appreciated at work, with 77% reporting that they would work harder if they felt better recognized"
Would an Oompa Loompa keep working if they weren't getting any chocolate? No. Sometimes all your employees need is a little extra boost to motivate them to deliver the sales results you expect.

Make Your Workplace Fun

Why does Willy Wonka's Chocolate taste so good?
Because the Oompa Loompas make it with love as they sing and dance
~ enjoyable work environment ~
Encouraging singing and dancing is a great way to improve engagement in your office...okay maybe that's not best for business if your employees are spending most of their time on sales calls. But there are other ways to create a fun work environment!
Say for example, you excite things a bit by adding some competition to everyday responsibilities. It could be something as simple as a single-winner SMART Goal competition for making the most sales. Using employee incentive programs, you can make your office fun and enjoyable while productive at the same time.
"Gallup's research shows that employees are most likely to be engaged -- and stay with their companies -- when they report that their managers understand them and give them the chance to do what they do best every day. Managers can help employees find ways to do more of what they're good at."

Promote Success in Your Workplace

How does Willy Wonka manage such a large factory, with so many Oompa Loompas, all by himself?
He's created a system of trust and success in which he can rely on his workers to complete their required tasks
While competition in the office can be fun, teamwork is always important for you to get the sales results you expect. Creating an office environment where employees support each other and can rely on one another when necessary will add to your business's overall success. Salespeople who work in a team tend to be more successful.
"Organizations with higher than average levels of employee engagement realized 27% higher profits, 50% higher sales, 50% higher customer loyalty levels, and 38% above-average productivity"
Is team unity lacking? Looking for ways to improve? Try strengthening team unity in your business by allowing employees to grant recognition awards to other team members for outstanding work. And it'll pay off, in the form of higher employee retention rates.
"63% of employees report that feeling connected to the organization they work for is a main reason for keeping staying with that employer."


Optimize your workplace to help your employees exceed your sales expectations for them. Enacting these employee recognition tips and tools will help increase your employees' levels of engagement. More engaged employees ultimately results in an improvement in their quality of work (closing more deals) and motivates them to build better relationships with customers, helping increase customer retention. Motivate your employees to reach their SMART Goals as they work towards exceeding your bottom line!
SMART Goals Template for MSP & IT Professionals [Free]


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