Ways to Give Your Employees the Recognition They Deserve

Ways to Give Your Employees the Recognition They Deserve

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Jan 22, 2020


What the data says

If you’re not engaging your employees, then you’re bringing your company down. Many employers may think making their employees happy and healthy isn’t their problem, but if you want to get the most productivity out of your employees, it is your problem. We can talk until we’re blue in the face about how an engaged employee is a better employee, but why tell you when we can show you the data?

These numbers are startling if you’re not already engaging your employees. If you’re not, then we want to help you start. One of the best ways to engage your employees with their work is by offering them recognition when it’s deserved.

Key takeaways:

  • Employee recognition is a great way to engage
  • Recognition isn’t all about awards and gifts
  • Get employee input
  • Peer recognition is often more effective than manager recognition
  • A simple shoutout goes a long way

Gifts are great, but not required

When people think about employee recognition, they often then that gifts and awards are required. This simply isn’t true.

While gifts and awards are great ways to recognize an exemplary job, handing them out all the time can get expensive and dull their effectiveness.

Great ways to give recognition are often free, like verbal recognition, calling them out in a good way before the team, sharing their amazing job on social media so all your customers know, and even posting them as a recognized employee on your website. All of these are free, but super effective.

When in doubt, ask

By now, you may have a few ideas on how you can give employee recognition, but you may ask yourself if your employees will really like your efforts.

Well, you have employees, why not ask them yourself?

Surveying your employees with a list of options you’ve brainstormed for employee recognition will tell you where each employee stands. If you’re trying to engage your employees through recognition, then taking the pulse of your team is the best option because then you get real data that tells you want they appreciate rather than just guessing at what will engage them the most.

Get their peers involved

Peer recognition makes people feel like part of the team, it gives them a boost of confidence, it improves the bond between employees, and gives everyone the warm fuzzy feelings they want to experience at work.

Starting up a peer recognition program isn’t that difficult, and you can make it as in-depth as you want. You can simply allow everyone to vote on who they think the employee of the month should be.

Let’s hear it for the shoutout

Simple and sweet, the shoutout. This is a great way to get peers involved while keeping the recognition short, sweet, and to the point. Don’t take a lot of time on each shoutout, but it should be part of your regular meetings.

Carve out time in your routine meetings where each employee recognizes another employee for a great job they’ve done that they think the team should know about. This is peer recognition with minimal effort and a huge impact.

While you may be struggling with employee engagement now, if you start making employee recognition a priority, you’ll see increased productivity and more engaged employees. Morale within your company will increase, and work will get done better and faster.

Speaking of employee recognition, we have a great system that allows you to reward and recognize employees for the jobs they do. Using our system, you can even get peers involved on the fun! Learn more about rewarding and recognizing your employees the CrewHu way!

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