Employee Incentive Programs: How Recognition & Rewards Help Business

Employee Incentive Programs: How Recognition & Rewards Help Business

Posted by Jon Belgrad, CrewHu Content Strategist on Sep 21, 2015
Are you looking for ways to get your hourly employees engaged in your business and feel like a part of the family? Tired of slacking employees just getting by and never improving? Want new and creative ways to motivate them?
Better employees results in happier customers which keeps them coming back to your business and ultimately raises your revenue. So how can you get better employees? Start with an employee incentive & engagement program to help the employees who are already a part of your team grow professionally and help your business.
Try utilizing employee incentive programs for your business’s hourly employees to create a positive impact for your whole team. The idea is to use an employee incentive program in order to motivate your employees. This should get them more involved in your business and improve the quality of their work. Ultimately this will help your business optimize your operations and create an awesome environment in which employees can thrive.
“Corporate culture matters. How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything - for better or for worse” - Simon Sinek

Employee Performance Reviews

Use employee performance reviews (performance review examples & employee review templateas an opportunity to prepare your employees for a successful future, giving your business an even better chance to succeed. Be constructive, positive, and appreciative in your reviews.
The more appreciated your employees feel the harder they will work. The harder your employees are working the more efficient your business will run. Appreciating the work your employees do and making that a part of your company culture is extremely important to running a successful business.

SMART Goals 

One specific way in which you can prepare your employees for a successful future during your employee performance reviews is by utilizing SMART Goals (Download our free SMART Goals template) for your employees. Set up engaging SMART Goals for your team to get them working together (SMART Goals examples for building teamwork). Employee engagement activities like these are great employee recognition tools because they allow you to track employee progress and improvement along the way. This ultimately leads to a more efficient engagement program yielding better results for your business.
By setting up SMART Goals for your employees, they will constantly have a reason to strive to be better. SMART Goals may work better than other employee incentive ideas because part of the incentive for the employee to reach their goal is personal growth. Once they complete one goal, give them another engaging challenge. SMART Goals are a great management tool which give structure to a professional growth program for your employees.
“Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is nightmare” - Japanese Proverb

Recognition Awards

Recognition awards are another great management tool. Be sure to take advantage of both peer and manager recognition awards, made easy with employee recognition software. The awesome thing about peer recognition awards is the valuable insight it gives you, as a manager or owner, into your day to day operations. When you see your employees giving peer awards to their peers, you gain insight into the quality of your employees and whose working the hardest.
The more and more your employees are recognized, the better attitude they will have while at work. Recognition awards are micro rewards, and create a major impact on employee engagement. 


Better employees will make your customers happier which keeps them coming back to your business and ultimately raises your revenue. Get started with your employee engagement program using our free employee recognition strategy document for your retail business.
Employee Recognition Strategy Template  [Free Download]

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