5 Tips for Finding an Employee Recognition System That Will Integrate With Your Systems

5 Tips for Finding an Employee Recognition System That Will Integrate With Your Systems

Posted by Stephen Spiegel on Apr 21, 2021


You need a process that will work seamlessly with your existing workflows. Learn how to find the right approach for your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Find a recognition system that integrates with your existing programs
  • Key qualities to look for:
    • Ranking and points systems
    • Peer-to-peer recognition
    • Combines customer satisfaction with employee recognition
    • Combines data sources
    • Connects to your existing applications
  • The Crewhu platform provides all these features and more

Creating an employee rewards and recognition program is the first step to boosting engagement, positive company culture, and customer satisfaction. When you’re just getting started, it’s crucial that you find an employee recognition system that integrates well with your existing programs. 

This means team members can pick up the process quickly and still use other tools and applications they’re familiar with. It also means that your program will emphasize your company’s values and desired workplace environment.

When you’re looking for the right recognition approach, look for these five qualities so your teams don’t have to climb a major learning curve.

1. Apply a ranking system

One easy way to start a recognition system is to integrate a ranking program, where the top performers are rewarded for hitting big milestones. This approach is easy to incorporate into workflows you’ve already mastered because it just requires you to track existing performance metrics. Whoever is at the top of the list will receive some kind of reward, whether that’s public recognition, an extra perk in the office, a bonus, or a gift.

Even better, try to incorporate gamification or a points system when you’re starting contests. Encourage a friendly atmosphere of competition. Workers may already feel competitive with one another, so recognizing them for winning will boost productivity and work engagement even more. Make sure results and rankings are visible on a leaderboard that employees and managers can see for themselves.

2. Allow peer-to-peer recognition

Another feature to look for in an employee recognition is peer-to-peer recognition. Think of it this way: Your employees are working alongside each other day after day, and often no one knows how they’re performing better than their colleagues. 

This form of recognition allows workers to reward or recognize one another when they see someone else doing something great. They can send a quick positive note or give someone a public shout-out. These small gestures are easy to make with the right tool and can quickly boost motivation and positivity in the workplace.

3. Combine customer satisfaction with employee engagement

You may already have a process in place to measure and improve customer satisfaction, but have you considered how closely this metric is tied to employee engagement?

When workers are recognized and appreciated, they’re more likely to perform well, which means they’re more likely to provide excellent customer service and go above and beyond when delivering services. 

It is thus a major plus if you can find a platform that combines these two processes so that both are amplified. When you focus on the right metrics within your teams, you’ll be able to meet your customer service goals much more seamlessly. 

A platform like Crewhu combines employee recognition with customer feedback so you can improve in multiple areas at once, which fosters business growth.

3 Rs of an Effective Employee Rewards | Crewhu

4. Assimilate multiple data sources

Another important feature of employee recognition systems is the ability to combine your data sources. You don’t want to have a lot of redundant data stored in silos. Instead, you’d rather use the same platform to gather data and customer and employee feedback so you can better align these strategies with performance metrics that keep your business moving forward. 

You need a solution where you and your team can quickly view this information in a simple dashboard, so it can be used more effectively.

5. Connect to your existing systems

All of these factors are important when creating the right employee recognition system. It will be a major plus, however, if you can use a platform that automatically connects with all of your existing systems, like Crewhu. 

Consider using a tool that will integrate with your client feedback process and notify you and other managers right away when data is collected and which employee is associated with a given rating. When you implement rewards programs on your team like gamification and points systems, you need to be able to view performance metrics and the leaderboard in the same place. You can then reward employees for reaching their goals using a fully integrated system where everything is tracked and recorded.

Using a tool like Crewhu

When you’re integrating your employee recognition system into your existing workflows, Crewhu has it all. Our platform can integrate with many different apps you’re already using, including Salesforce, Slack, ConnectWise, Kaseya, Autotask, Datto, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, and many others. 

The team at Crewhu understands that you need a plug-and-play platform without much learning curve for your teams. You need a solution that will combine customer feedback, notifications, gamification, and employee recognition, all in one place. We make sure that data is integrated so you can actually use it to drive business decisions.

Ready to engage your employees like never before while wowing your customers? Schedule a demo with Crewhu to learn more about how easily our platform integrates with existing business workflows.

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